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2012-11-15 AR AR Logistic Solution

Wireless Surveillance Solution for Logistics at Argentina


Cooperativa Agropecuaria Gral. Necochea Ltda., Buenos Aires (Argentina) was searching for an IP surveillance solution for vehicle control, logistics and security purposes at its offices and warehouses.



The biggest challenge for this project was transmitting the surveillance data among different points within such wide space. There are two sides: one side is six hectares with an office area, barn and truck parking area. And another side, there are two separate square-feet; one includes another office area, a scale/weighting area and unloading facilities and the other square-feet only included warehouses for the storage of goods.

Due to the distances among the different points to monitor and surveillance the whole filed, project integrator Ms. Paula M. Tristan had to face the challenge of transmitting the data of multiple IP cameras spread over such a wide area. The maximum distance to cover is 200 meters; including several obstacles in between.



During the first stage of the installation, the network equipments suggested by a different integrator failed to meet the expectations. To overcome this drawback, the option chosen was to replace part of the original wireless networking equipments with AirLive AirMax2.

In addition, the integrator also chooses AirLive WHA-5500CPE and AirLive WLA-9000AP-PCBA along with AirMax 2 to establish a wireless network between buildings, headquarters, and places where there was no wireless service available. Today, this same wireless network is still used to transmit the data to monitor all fields from headquarters.

According to the project leader and the directors of the company, after testing the solution provided, it clearly meets and exceeds the original expectations and requirements showing excellent results.

IP Camera

OD-325HD H.264 MegaPixel Outdoor 25M IR Night vision POE Camera
POE-250HD H.264 1.3 MegaPixel POE Vandal Proof Dome


ACC-DOMCAM Outdoor Mounting Kits for AirLive Vandal IP Camera

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