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2014-11-04 PL PL Hospital

Scientific and training conference in the field of vascular surgery in Poland


On 17 October 2014 there was the Scientific and Training conference in the field of Vascular Surgery in Sanok (Poland).

Event organizers invited two outstanding professionals, who were watching whole surgery live and explaining its every stage to attenders of the conference.
Professor Peter Szopiński is well known specialist in vascular surgery, Dr. Torsten Fuß  he was a lecturer in international endovascular LINC 2014 workshops  which is a sign of quality.

The attanders could have watched whole surgery with sound online thanks
to Comsat Sanok Company, regional e-tailer, and integrator with support service.


The project required installation of 2 IP cameras at the operating room. There were two main objectives:
- monitor all patient data showed on LCD screen needed to perform the operation
- monitor the operating table and the work of surgeons during operations
The biggest challenge was to provide clear, sharp and fast online view from operation room to conference room, located in other part of clinic, using local network.
It was also important to save whole surgery recording for further analysis and use as an example for students of medical studies.


The integrator in charge of the project recommended installation of the AirLive IP cameras.
To keep the instalation simple and reliable, he selected two AirLive IP-200HD cameras with PoE.
These cameras were connected to CoreNVR9 recorder with 500 GB HDD.

There was one camera mounted on the ceiling in operating room to clearly view whole surgery area.
The second IPcam was installed in front of LCD screen with the state of the patient's vital functions to view and analyze all details during the surgery.


In order to fulfill conference’s needs, integrator mounted 2 big screens and projectors showing live both videos in the same time with voice comments of specialists performing surgery.

Airlive IP-200HD with CoreNVR9 provided very fast and clear view without any frame drops and delays.

In addition the whole operation was recorded on NVRs HDD with possibility to view it later. Recorded image was very rich in details (2mpx capable to capture images up to 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution). All organizers and attenders were satisfied with quality of image and fast transmission. This implementation is recommended for such cases.

IP Camera

IP-200PHD-24 2.0 Mega Pixel Passive PoE IPCamera


CoreNVR 9 Network Video Recorder

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