2.0 Mega Pixel Passive PoE IPCamera

Key Features

  • Support H.264, Motion JPEG
  • Two-Way Audio with Built-in Microphone
  • UPnP for Fast and Easy Installation
  • High Frame Rate up to HD (High-Definition) Mode
  • Support Micro SD Card Slot (IP-200PHD-24 Only)
  • Support Mobile Surveillance
  • ONVIF Ready
  • The model, IP-200PHD-24B, sold to Argentina, does not included SD card function.

Still couldn’t find a way to watch your children or the elders when you are in busy or on duty? Or just need an easy solution for monitoring your office, store or garage? AirLive IP- 200PHD-24, with the Tiny-Cube size and Passive POE function, it moves the “Surveillance” from a complex task to a Simply “Plug and Watch” job.

High Quality 2.0 MegaPixel Image

IP-200PHD-24 equips a 2.0 MegaPixel sensor for capturing high quality video stream. With this sensor, IP-200PHD-24 is capable to capture images up to 1600 x 1200 pixels resolution. One of the most compelling advantages of MegaPixel surveillance systems is the ability to capture more details in a frame and at the same time not missing any finer details that are useful for license plate identification and human recognition.

Easy to Install

IP-200PHD-24 is a tiny cube, light but full featured IP camera. It can be easily mounted on the wall or ceiling and decrease the burden of cabling with its network function. Moreover, by using its Passive POE function, it can greatly decrease the burden of cabling. Intelligent IP Installer, the assistant utility for searching IP- 200PHD-24 in the network, can speed up the installation with only few clicks on the computer.

12-24V passive PoE DC injector included.

Note: This device uses 12-24V passive PoE. It is not compatible with 802.3af or 802.3at PoE switch. Please do not connect this device to PoE switch, or the device might be damaged.

AirLive IP Wizard

When you install the Camera on a LAN environment, you have one easy way to search your Cameras by IPWizard II. Here is the way to execute IPWizard II to discover Camera’s IP address and set up related parameter in a Camera. After launching the IPWizard II, a searching window will pop up. IPWizard II is starting to search IP Cameras on the LAN. The existed devices will be listed as below.

Easy to Watch

IP-200PHD-24 takes full advantage of the network technology nowadays. By its build-in Web interface, monitoring is as simple as surfing on the Internet in our daily life. IP- 200PHD-24 supports most popular web browsers included the Internet Explorer, Firefox, or even the one came with your iPhone. Once connect IP-200PHD-24 to the Internet, user can receive its video anytime, anywhere as long as he can access to the Internet.

Windows-based and Web-based Monitoring Utility

The Web-Based configuration allows users to make the configuration including the image monitoring, recording images to a hard drive,snapshots and many others via Intranet/or Internet in real time!

Versatile Application

The camera supports FTP, TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP and many other Internet related protocols for remote surveillance. Intelligent motion detection enables optimal performance of video detection by capturing images and sending those images for e-mail notification.

With high sensitivity CMOS sensor, the IP-200PHD-24 constantly delivers superior image detail in most environments.

H.264, MPEG4 and Motion JPEG Compression Formats

The IP-200PHD is a Passive PoE IP camera with Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 capabilities. Multi-Output streams allows for good compression performance with low bit rates and bandwidth requirements.

H.264 Video Compression

H.264 is a high performing video compression standard that boasts a much higher compression ratio than MJPEG or MPEG-4, drastically reducing file sizes and conserving valuable network bandwidth and storage space. With up to 90% reduction in file size, a 1 MB image can be drastically reduced to as low as 10KB using H.264. IP-200PHD-24 adopts this technology, and provides a more economical way to utilize your storage space.

View from Mobile Phone

IP-200PHD-24 can deliver its video to the mobile phone via 3GPP function. Via this function, user can monitor his property through the 3G or 3.5G mobile network remotely. This is very useful when you are on your journey or business trip. What’s more, user can also use the build-in browser of his smart phone, like the Safari of iPhone, for monitoring. By combining IP-200PHD-24 and your mobile phone can play the role as the Baby Monitor.

Support 2 Ways Audio

The IP-200PHD-24 Internet Camera takes video surveillance to another level by using 2-ways audio. By connecting a powered speaker to the camera, you can now remotely talk to anyone at your camera site. And it also comes on the build-in microphone, so you can also hear the voice via the camera.

Professional Surveillance Software Supported

With the bundle surveillance software, it lets user to view and record multiple live images at the same time. Using several IP- 200PHD-24s with the software, user can easily build up a surveillance system at different environment. Moreover, IP-200PHD-24 also supports CamPro Professional, which is AirLive’s intelligent video surveillance recording software. It is designed to meet most demands for professional installations. With its video analysis functions, such as tampering detection, user can build up a stable and efficient surveillance system.

AirLive CamPro Mobile for iOS and Android

AirLive has released the CamPro Mobile apps for both iOS and Android system. It supports most of AirLive IP Cameras for live viewing and also supports two-way audio, snapshot and movement controls on PTZ cameras. You may download the software from App Store or Google Play. Please visit our FAQ page for more information. 

  • IP-200PHD-24
  • Camera Type
    - Indoor Cube Type
  • Image Sensor
    - 1/3” 2 Mega Pixel Color CMOS Sensor
  • Sensor Resolution
    - 1600x1200
  • Lens Type
    - Board Lens
    - 4.3mm, F1.8
  • Minimum Illumination
    - 1 LUX
  • Viewing Angle
    - 58°3' (H)
    - 45°4' (V)
  • Video Compression
    - H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG
  • Video Profile
    - 9
  • Resolution and Frame Rate
    - 1600x1200 @ 15 fps
    - 640x480 @ 15 fps
    - 320x240 @ 15 fps
    - 160x120 @ 15 fps
  • Streaming
    - Multi-profile streaming
    - Streaming over UDP, TCP, or HTTP
    - M-JPEG streaming over HTTP (for non IE browser)
    - 3GPP mobile view
    - Configurable frame rate and bandwidth
    - Support both CBR and VBR
    - ROI
  • Region of Interest
    - Up to 5 configurable region
  • Image Processing
    - AE, AWB
    - Noise reduction
    - Color, brightness, sharpness, contrast, Hue
    - Mirror/Flip
    - Privacy Masks
    - Text, time and date OSD
  • Digital Zoom
    - 10X
  • Audio Encoder
    - RTSP: G.711 64kbps, G.726 32kbps
    - 3GPP: AMR
  • Audio Streaming
    - Two-way
  • Audio Input/Output
    - speaker port and Built-in microphone
  • Ethernet
    - One RJ45 Port; IEEE 802.3u Compliant 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet with Auto-MDIX
  • PoE or Wireless
    - 24V Passive PoE
  • Supported Protocols
  • Security
    - Password protection
    - IP filter
    - HTTPS
  • Users
    - Up to 20 simultaneous users
LED and Button
  • Power LED
    - Amber Color
  • Link/Act. LED
    - Green Color
  • Reset Button
    - Reboot and Factory Default (Push and Hold Over 8 Sec)
  • Network Processor
    - DSP Base
  • System ROM
    - 16MByte NAND Flash
  • System RAM
    - 256Mbyte DDR SDRAM
  • Power Supply
    - DC12V
  • Power Consumption
    - 3 Watts Max.
  • Connector
    - RJ-45 10BaseT/100BaseTX
    - 12V DC power jack
    - Speaker jack
    - Composite video out
    - Reset button
  • Environment
    - Operation: Temp: 0゚ ~ 40゚ Humidity: 20% ~ 80% non-condensing
    - Storage: Temp: -15゚ ~ 60゚ Humidity: 0% ~ 90% non-condensing
  • SD card slot
    - Micro SD
  • Dimension
    - HxWxD:74.5 x 52.6 x 35 mm
System Integration
  • Software 
    - Search & Installation-IP Wizard II
  • Event Triggers
    - Motion detection
    - External input via DI interface
  • Motion Detection
    - 10
  • Event handler
    - FTP or NAS file upload
    - E-mail alter
    - HTTP, and TCP notification
    - DO (digital output) alarm
    - Move to preset position
  • UPNP
    - Yes
  • Application Programming Interface
    - ONVIF 2.1.1
    - Open API for software integration
    - SDK
  • Video Buffer
    -  Pre- and post- alarm buffering
  • Alarm Triggers
    - Intelligent video motion detection and external input
  • Alarm Events
    - File upload via FTP or email
    - Notification via email, HTTP, and TCP
    - External output activation
    - Save to SD card
    - Audio alerting output
Viewing System
  • OS
    - Windows® XP, Vista, 7
  • Browser
    - IE 6.0 or later, Firefox 2.0 or later, Safari
  • Cell Phone
    - With 3GPP player
  • Video Player
    - VLC, Quick Time, Real Player, Core Player


Title Download
IP-200PHD-24 Spec Sheets Spec Sheets SC1209970316572
IP-200PHD-24 QIG QIG SC1300780893105
IP-200PHD-24 User Guide User Guide SC1210563646143
Building Stable Video Networks Other Documents SC1422927594154
IPCAM VMS NVR Compatibile List Other Documents SC1422927594154
Title Description Download
AirLive IP Wizard II version1.0.0.3 Easy installation with AirLive IP Wizard II Setup for discover AP & IPCam’s IP address and set up related parameter .
Firmware Version 6.B.2.9031, Add new function: Continuous Recording to SD card or SAMBA server.
Firmware Version 6.B.2.8852, Add new function: Continuous Recording to SD card or SAMBA server .
WN-200HD, Firmware Version 6.B.2.7821, Improved Feature: Open power frequency interface.
IP-200PHD, Firmware Version V6.B.2.7821 release note
Title Download
SDK (2MP) for OD-2025HD, OD-2025PHD, OD-2050HD, OD-2060HD, IP-200PHD, IP-200PHD-24, WN-200HD, WN-2600HD, POE-2600HD. SDK

Frequency Ask Questions (FAQ)

  • Q1 How to Access AirLive IP Camera on IE11

    Why I can't see the live view image on IE11?


    Due to IE11currently doesn't support ActiveX component, so you need to add the IP Camera to the "Compatibility View Setting" then you can easily access to the camera and view the image on IE11.  Please refer to the attached file for your reference.

    How to Access AirLive IP Camera on IE11.pdf
  • Q2 Why can't I see the video image using Windows 8's Internet Explorer?

    Windows 8 comes with 2 different versions of Internet Explorer.  Please use the Internet Explorer on the Windows 8's Desktop.  The Internet Explorer on the Metro interface does not support Active-X.

  • Q3 How many cameras can I add into Airlive CamPro Mobile Home?

    1. Max 4 cameras in live view.
    2. 4 cameras per group.
    3. 16 groups per user.

    1. Max 4 cameras in live view.
    2. 4 cameras per group.
    3. 4 groups per user.


  • Q4 How to use AirLive CamPro Mobile Home on your smart phone?
  • Q7 If the sound from camera speaker is too low, which setting we can adjust?

    There are two ways to solve the problem. First way is to adjust the MIC boost setting in the computer. The second way is to adjust the audio out gain value in the camera web UI.

  • Q10 What is the difference between Passive PoE and Active PoE?

    Active PoE has active components inside and it is able to transfer power up to 100 metres. Passive PoE uses free wires in the Ethernet cable and sends the equipments power along them to the far end. Passive PoEs range is about 30 to 40 metres / 100-130 ft.

  • Q12 What is VBR and CBR?

    VBR and CBR can usually be found under IPCAM's camera settings.  VBR stands for "Variable Bit Rate". When the camera is set to "VBR" mode, the bandwidth used by IPCAM is determined by the image quality setting. CBR stands for "Constant Bit Rate".  When the camera is set to CBR mode, the users can defined what is the maximum bandwidth that the camera can use. For example, user can define the bit rate to "4Mbps". It means the camera can not use more than 4Mbps bandwidth. The image quality may drop to preserve the maximum bandwidth used.

  • Q14 Is this possible that camera works at horizontal position or vertical position?

    Yes, AirLive IP Camera can work at horizontal or vertical position. User can select rotation function to make the mirror or vertical flip.

  • Q15 IP Surveillance Installation Video - Firmware Configuration and Lens Adjustment

  • Q16 IP Surveillance Installation Video - Hardware

Model No .

AirLive IP-200PHD-24 2.0 Mega Pixel Passive PoE IPCamera
AirLive IP-200PHD-24B 2.0 Mega Pixel Passive PoE IPCamera Without SD and Support

EAN Code

13 Code -IP-200PHD-24 4719869616654
14 Code -IP-200PHD-24 14719869616651
13 Code -IP-200PHD-24B 4719869616661
14 Code -IP-200PHD-24B 14719869616668

Included Accessories

Packaging content: IP-200PHD-24 or IP-200PHD-24B, User’s manual CD, 12V Power Adapter, Quick Start Guide, Camera Stand with screws, PoE Accessory (PoE-1P)

Standard Packaging

Packaging Type:
Packaging Size 19 x 11.7 x 8.4 cm
Packaging Weight: 0.475 kg

Carton Packaging

Quantity(units / per carton) 20
Dimensions 40 x 26 x 45 cm
Weight 10.18 kg
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