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AirLive Surveillance Network for Merchandizing and Operations in Paraguay


A Paraguayan company dedicated to the import and commercialization of auto parts, needed a surveillance system to monitor the safety of their facilities, theft prevention and most important, the control of the staff and merchandize.

The project was located in Fernando de la Mora, a city located in the Central Department, and is part of the metropolitan area of Asunción, Paraguay. The person in charge of this project was the integrator Rodrigo Battilana from the company PRELINT - Protección Electrónica Inteligente.


The project consisted in the installation of several IP cameras at the headquarters and in three of their service centres. The main objective was to monitor and improve the control of stock and personnel, in addition to prevent any theft. The biggest challenge was the deployment of thousands of meters of network cables to power and connect the cameras.


The integrator in charge of the project recommended the installation of AirLive IP cameras. Thus, in the headquarters there are 25 cameras of OD-325HD and 9 cameras of IP-200PHD installed. 

In Service Centre No. 1 there are 19 OD-325HD cameras and 3 IP-200PHD cameras connected to the software CamPro Express. Meanwhile, in Service Centre No. 2 there are 8 OD-325HD cameras and 1 IP-200PHD camera.

Finally, at Service Centre No. 3, which was recently employed, there are 3 OD-325HD cameras and 1 IP-200PHD camera connected to CoreNVR 9. All the premises are being monitored locally in 4 individual screens from the headquarters via a VPN high speed.

The system monitors the goods of the warehouses, offices and areas of entry and exits of vehicles at an average distance of 5 to 30 meters. 


The result obtained with AirLive products exceeded expectations. "We work with the importer Flytec Computers and sometimes we look for the service support in Taiwan to enquire about the features of the cameras. AirLive has always met us with great friendliness and speed. As a system integrator specializing in AirLive IP surveillance we bet very strong in the brand, locating it in the minds of customers in Paraguay for its quality, durability and technical performance with a superior cost benefit.

I am proud to say that we have worked with AirLive for nearly three years and we have installed and operate over 200 cameras with different customers, "said Rodrigo Battilana.

IP Camera

IP-200PHD-24 2.0 Mega Pixel Passive PoE IPCamera


CoreNVR 9 Network Video Recorder

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