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2014-01-16 VE VE Hotel

IP Surveillance Solution for Hotel in Venezuela


Eco Inn Plaza Meru Venezuela, international resort located in Ciudad Guyana, Alta Vista, Puerto Ordaz, Bolivar State, Venezuela, implemented an IP video surveillance system based on cameras, software, AirLive NVRs and switches in order to protect and proactively protect its luxurious facilities.
Ventel CA, a company specializing in electronic security, control and total protection of facilities, the integrator was responsible for the engineering and performance of this great project.


Hotel managers need to install an IP video surveillance solution to completely control all sectors of the complex, guarding and protecting proactively developing their business and services. After the evaluation phase, the integrator recommended to install an AirLive based IP video surveillance to respond professionally to all the needs of the hotel. The main challenge was the centralization of all images captured by the cluster of cameras located in strategic places to perform intelligent analysis of all the video sequences according to the requirements of the surveillance system administrators. Eco Inn Plaza Meru is one of the tallest skyscrapers and prominent throughout Venezuela. Therefore, the solution should be as important as the building.


After analyzing the sectors to watch, project managers recommended the installation of four camera models designed specifically for various monitoring functions. For the perimeter area were installed AirLive IP cameras OD-2050HD PoE 2 Megapixel Outdoor IR Vandal-proof. For the area of rooms from floor 1th to 13th were chosen AirLive IP DM-720 and AirLive IP-200PHD-24 models for all emergency exits of the resort.
Meanwhile, in the areas of Mezanine, Ground Floor, Ground Floor Free and at the Top were also used models AirLive DM-720 and IP-200PHD-24. Basements 1 and 2 have the backup cameras AirLive OD-2050HD.
Both the deck and the roof are monitored with motorized domes 27X night vision that are integrated into the IP platform using the VS-100 converter modules (Analog-IP). In total are deployed, installed, configured and running 160 cameras all over the hotel.

For the recording system were installed ten storage devices for observing sharp images in high definition with digital zoom integrated. Both in Vivo and in Playback Mode, NVRs allow follow all the incidents that occur in the complex during the 24 hours supervising constantly and without losing any event.

The main server has features typical of a high level similar to computer system ideal for the management of the nearly two hundred devices connected to all network communications infrastructure (cameras, NVRs, layer2 switches and stations, in addition to telecommunications rooms per level each floor which feature air of precision and uninterruptible power systems). Also, the server has the CMS (Center Manager Software) software responsible for the overall management of IP video surveillance platform that enables centralized view of all the cameras that are within each NVR.

The stations, located in specific departments, meet function monitoring, supervision and control of personnel activities as well as activities not allowed inside the building. Communications platform is supported with high speed switches that are distributed per workgroups.

A factor considered in this project was the analysis of the sequences collected by the video surveillance system. This platform has the most advanced features of intelligent video analysis, both integrated with the central CMS software, as well as the license CamPro Professional especially acquired by the resort. A very important point in mind from the beginning of the project was to make counting people coming in and out per day from the resort. The objective was successfully completed thanks to the installed software.

According to officials of the hotel, the project fully meets initial expectations and lives up to the importance of safety in the daily business of the complex. In this respect, managers plan to expand the installed base to 180 cameras.

IP Camera

OD-2050HD 2-MegaPixel IR Outdoor Vandal PoE IPCAM
IP-200PHD-24 2.0 Mega Pixel Passive PoE IPCamera
DM-720 720P IR Night Vision PoE Dome IPCAM


CoreNVR 16 Network Video Recorder

POE Switches

POE-GSH2004L-370 24 Port Gigabit with 4 UTP/SFP combo 802.3AT Device Guard Web Smart Switch

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