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2012-07-03 PY PY Natural Surveillance

IP Surveillance Solution in Paraguay


One of the most important egg farm in Paraguay* implemented both local centralized and remote monitoring systems on a parallel network within their infrastructure, and also installed the Internet-based Airlive IP Cameras.
The project was led by Michael Pozzo, ITS Technologies (, aimed to keep total control to manage all areas of the company, such as entry and exit of vehicles, staff, detailed perimeter control, warehouse, equipment and machines.



The first step of the project involved the installation of 33 AirLive IP cameras (models OD-325HD, POE-200HD and POE-100CAM V2) to monitor different sectors of the establishment, a 42 HD LCD monitor connected to the server by its HDMI input the office of general management, perimeter control cameras connected by a wireless VPN inside the company.



With this solution, the system allows recording of video from all cameras on a PC server and then a local viewing through the LCD and remote cameras at the various sectors.
These are the AirLive cameras installed to control every sector of the company:

  • Edge-Control: OD-325HD
  • Control of staff and workplaces: POE 100-CAM V2
  • Control of the production area: POE-200HD
  • Biometric entry control and offices: POE-200HD

It should be noted that half of the AirLive cameras are wired, while the other half is connected through AirMax5. That means that each link between two computers there are two cameras that are connected to the central system wirelessly.

"The expectations that the company had before the project were largely overcome. In the mean time, there are plans to install 23 more cameras, thus reaching a total of 56 cameras, "says Michael Pozzo.

According to Pozzo, the biggest challenge of this project were wireless connections, because the most distant points, the perimeter, were at 1,500 meters from the office. Another disadvantage to overcome was the protection of equipment against climatic effects, because the electrical storms cause extensive damage induction to networks and electrical power.

IP Camera

IP-200PHD-24 2.0 Mega Pixel Passive PoE IPCamera
POE-200CAMv2 1/4 CMOS Dual Stream DOME MPEG-4 IP Camera

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