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2012-07-04 KZ KZ Enterprise

Remote Viewing Surveillance Solution


@host is an internet service and cloud storage provider company in Kazakhstan. One of their services is to provide the servers rental for customers. This project is using AirLive’s IP Cameras to provide remote viewing features of their server rooms for security purpose.



The customers rent racks from @host, each rack needs its individual IP camera for security and remote viewing purpose. There are 6 server rooms in total. In order to be certain that all the rack cabinets in every server room were monitored, AirLive proposed @host to use AirLive’s 2.0 MegaPixel Passive PoE IPCam - IP-200PHD and Network Video Recorder - NVR16 to reach @host requirement.



@host installed AirLive’s IP Camera IP-200PHD and NVR16 for their surveillance solution. The site install 64 of IP-200PHD IP Camera connected to their switches and connected with 4 of NVR16 Network Video Recorder.

The switches connected to @host’s servers and to Internet. To allow their customers to be able to remote viewing, @host provided the IP-address, user name and password for customers to access.

IP Camera

IP-200PHD-24 2.0 Mega Pixel Passive PoE IPCamera

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