Computex Taipei 2017 was successfully held on June 3 2017. There were approximately 1050 exhibitors and 45,000 to 50,000 visitors celebrated together. AirLive, powered by OvisLink Corp. was honored to participate in this event. We would like to thank the more than 200 foreign visitors and numerous of Taiwanese friends for visiting us at AirLive booth and invite you join us again next year.

During the exhibition, AirLive introduced a series of advanced ICT application integrations which combined AirLive unique auto-topology graphical manageable network switches, 20ms Auto-Ring recovering Industrial network management switches, Industrial level Serial to 4G/LTE M2M device, vehicle suitable LTE Gateway, and, PoE camera and AC.TOP wireless Access Point. The AirLive “Smart life IoT” kits for automated home solution were also presented.

In the live-demo, AirLive was demonstrating how the Topology Switches can automatically figure out the network architecture. All devices in the network are shown on the screen including model or name, MAC address, connected port-number, bandwidth, and also the ability to see ONVIF camera live streaming and the location from the switch. Engineers can view the entire network structure topology shown on screen. Engineers can know where problem (such as disconnection or heavy bandwidth) are on the screen. This helps engineers doing troubleshooting much quickly. Its saves time and money searching for problems in the network. Besides, VLAN setup is made more easily. VLAN-group can be done by “touch and select” on the screen.

The traditional Home IOT was mainly focusing on function like “ALARM warning”. AirLive Z-wave Plus Smart Life IoT can be seen as Smart 2.0 which you can set up your own “Automated Home”. You can easily use your smart-phone with the “AirLive Smart life IoT APP” installed to manage and set or change EVENT conditions anytime and anywhere. Hence, you can set up Automated Home for both Automation and Security.

Your Smart phone with Airlive “Smart Life IoT APP installed” is your brain. One set of Airlive “Smart Life IoT APP” can support up to 8 Gateway. The AirLive IoT Gateway with Siren (6-tune) is the heart for control your automated home. The AirLive IoT Gateway can connect up to 232 Z-wave Plus sensors, and 4 pcs of AirLive Smart cube network camera.

The Smart cube camera and IoT Sensors such as PIR motion sensor and 3-in-1 Windows / door / illumination / temperature are like the family ears or eyes. The Z-wave Smart plug can turn on/off electric devices, measure power usage and control energy, and to be as repeater.

Once you have got a notification on your smart-phone, you can immediately monitor to know what is happening from the integrated AirLive SMART CUBE camera in the IoT APP. And then, you can manage appropriated action directly.

You can set trigger in various conditions to manage and set up your Automated Home.

Children and Elder Care example
Example 1,
You can set scheduling management to turn on light at 6pm to 6am each day. Or when PIR sensor detects motion at a certain area and Smart Plug is also installed, the area’s light will turn on automatically and it can set to turn off the light again after 10-minutes.

Example 2,
Parents can set trigger sensors and smart cube camera with IoT gateway. The parents can get a notification when their children back from school. And they can view the live stream from the smart cube camera on their smart-phone to know who and when they are back.

Example 3
It can even as simplest and helpful equipment for the care of elder dementia. Each time when dementia elder opens the door, the gateway can sound an alarm (Siren) in tune pre-setting. And the family will also receive notifications on their smart-phones. The family can check what is going on and take action.

Airlive, powered by OvisLink Corp. has been dedicated on ICT industry by providing High Quality Networking and Data Communication as well as Security Innovations over than 24-years. AirLive will be pleased to provide our solutions through partners and closely cooperation.

Please contact with us for further cooperation discussion.

Best regards
Beesha Lin
OvisLink Corp.

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