Air-Computers is the new AirLive´s distributor in Argentina. 

The wholesale distributor of computer products in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, with a strong presence throughout the country is the new AirLive´s business partner.

After years dedicated to the sale of technology, with new branches in the cities of Santa Fe, Córdoba, Mendoza and Buenos Aires, Air-Computers ( is one of the most important distributors of the Argentine market. In its long history of achievements received an award in 2006 when it surpassed the sales of international brands of computers.

"From the headquarters of Air-Computers, Rosario, province of Santa Fe, a building of about 4,000 square meters, where are assembled PC and notebooks, Matias Ferullo, in charge of the ITS Department of Air-Computers, explain the company plans with AirLive.

"The ITS Department have highly qualified staff who are responsible for advising the integrator optimally. It will feature top brands to ensure that the customer gets the right solution," say Matias Ferullo.

"Offering a complete solution integrator and high quality is the main objective of Air-Computers. For this reason we consider a fundamental piece incorporating a brand like AirLive. Its wide range of products will ensure the fulfillment of that goal while we meet all market requirements, “ say Ferullo.

Air-Computers will offer the entire line of Airlive solutions, including high power AP, switches and surveillance solutions which are their main focus in the brand.


About AirLive

With nearly twenty-year networking expertise, AirLive stands for the high performance and top value to Government, Banking, Telco/ISP/WISP, Education, Hotel, system integrators(SI), distributors in the world.  “Simple yet powerful networking”, AirLive provides high quality / performance and reliable total solutions to AirLive partners and continuously devotes itself to provide the innovative products and solution to connect people’s lives across the globe as “AirLive is in your Life”. 

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