Distriwave and Airlive begin a new distribution alliance in Chile 

In order to enhance its offer and market penetration in the security sector, Distriwave Chile has decided to expand its product offer by incorporating AirLive IP video surveillance solutions.

Distriwave is a regional distributor for security and connectivity products with headquarters in Miami (Florida-USA) and subsidiaries in Lima (Peru) Bogota (Colombia) and Santiago (Chile). Established in 2007 in the USA under the name of My Wireless Equipment, its main activity is the wholesale distribution and retail sale of wireless equipment.

"Distriwave Chile aims to provide resellers, integrators and telecom operators a complete portfolio of IP wireless solutions, corporate broadband solutions, WISP developments, IP communications solutions, IP telemetry equipment and IP surveillance from several leading manufacturers around the world. Throughout 2013, Airlive will be our key player for the IP video surveillance solutions, "stated Vicente Quijada Vicencio, General Manager for Distriwave Chile.

“It is also worth mentioning that we back up this wide range of advisory services and after sales support with a professional and qualified team that is able to identify, design and deliver tailored, effective and robust solutions applicable to organizations of all sizes”

1) What was the main reason behind your decision to incorporate AirLive into your portfolio of products?
-First and foremost, we needed to expand our portfolio of equipment and solutions to provide a wide range of offer to our customers. We also realized that the market requires a vendor that is able to promote this brand which is very attractive in terms of the mix of solutions. Our clients will get what they need in a timely manner, with constant support and continuous improvements to their requirements.

2) Which are the AirLive products that Distriwave will be distributing?
-Our first steps with the brand will be along the surveillance IP solutions path; after that, we will analyze how to gradually introduce other lines of products.

3) Do you plan to launch any special promotion?
We will release the video surveillance solutions with all the accessories for an effective entrance of the brand in the market; and at the same time complementing the offer with all the other brands we currently carry. This planning involves exhaustive training, customer labs where clients can clarify their questions about Airlive products, an extensive advertisement campaign, promote the brand in exhibitions, technological fairs and so forth. Briefly speaking, working Airlive brand in the same way we do with all the current brands in our portfolio.

4) Which will be the business opportunities for customers / resellers / channel of Distriwave with AirLive?
-Our main focus will be the reseller´s channel. At this point it is extremely important the added value we will provide in order to encourage rotation of products, emphasizing the strengthening of our partners' technical / commercial sales force. This can make a difference when facing concerns from customers during the development of solutions. It is widely acknowledged that the local market has an increasing need to lower crime rates, which translates into business opportunities for our partners. Although there are several brands that serve different segments, Airlive with its wide range of complete solutions can make a difference especially with its good ratio cost/benefit

5) Are you planning to hold any commercial and technical trainings alongside to AirLive?
-One of our strengths is the great product knowledge we offer and that we constantly share with our customers. By doing so they can deal the different requirements in a much better way. For us, training, both at the technical level and at the business level, is a core part in the added value we provide. It is not only a tool to strengthen our clients position in the market, but it also creates strong bonds that enable a fluent communication to meet our day to day challenges.


About AirLive

With nearly twenty-year networking expertise, AirLive stands for the high performance and top value to Government, Banking, Telco/ISP/WISP, Education, Hotel, system integrators(SI), distributors in the world.  “Simple yet powerful networking”, AirLive provides high quality / performance and reliable total solutions to AirLive partners and continuously devotes itself to provide the innovative products and solution to connect people’s lives across the globe as “AirLive is in your Life”. 

For more information, please visit our website: www.airlive.com.


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