AirLive authorized Megaways as Distributor partner in Brunei Market 

In order to provide high quality-professional, innovative, and style-design wireless network and IP surveillance solutions in Brunei Market, AirLive, one of the advanced wireless network and IP surveillance company recently partnered with Megaways. AirLive expertise in innovated RD, product design, and structure solutions fulfill Megaways needs; together insist on bringing professional Wireless Network and IP Surveillance total solutions to Hotels, Shopping Malls, and public constructions in Brunei.

Megaways recently work on Hotel Solution Projects to support security applications over structured wireless network and provided for the migration to wireless network and IP Surveillance solutions. AirLive provides professional combination solutions in both areas and advanced products for Megaways easily to achieve their projects goal and Images for IP cameras can be monitored from anywhere using a standard Web browser, which reduces the need for expensive one-site security. Megaways can reduce projects cost and future-proof their projects by adopting this converged network approach with AirLive.

The benefit for Megaways partnership with Airlive also can establish higher quality, better solutions, and professional project and technical support for their projects on Hotel, School, Hospital, Shopping Mall, and Public Constructions. AirLive is glad to build business relationship with Megaways to introduce AirLive advanced wireless outdoor and IP Surveillance innovations solutions through Megaways to the Brunei market.  

About AirLive

With nearly twenty-year networking expertise, AirLive stands for the high performance and top value to Government, Banking, Telco/ISP/WISP, Education, Hotel, system integrators(SI), distributors in the world.  “Simple yet powerful networking”, AirLive provides high quality / performance and reliable total solutions to AirLive partners and continuously devotes itself to provide the innovative products and solution to connect people’s lives across the globe as “AirLive is in your Life”. 

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