AirLive new Solution partner announcement in India

AirLive (Ovislink Corp.), one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipment, is pleased to announce that it has signed a Solution partner agreement with Maven Systems Pvt. Ltd. to make their portfolio of highly characterized and validated wireless transmission devices and IP surveillance solutions available to professionals in India.

Founded in 2009, the Maven Systems is a pioneer in product engineering and provides development services in areas of hardware, BSP, firmware, web and mobile applications. They offer products in the domains of industrial automation, home and office security, security of assets on the road, vehicle tracking / monitoring / security, automatic meter reading (AMR) for gas, water and electricity. Maven’s turnkey solutions and technology offerings is being leveraged by companies of all sizes - right from startups and multi-billion MNCs to build their own products without large investments on time and money.  
AirLive, surpassing the competition in value, features, performance, and reliability, the whole product range provides a cost effective wireless outdoor or indoor network which can withstand the test of time. A new generation of all-in-one products, these are provided with everything needed to create cost effective links for AirLive IP cameras.

Cooperation between AirLive and Maven Systems will be based on wireless and IP surveillance products for their project which is created to provide round the clock vigilance and safety for multi-apartment complexes. With complete protection at an ultra low cost, this revolutionary system provides added advantage for your newly created buildings. For all those projects Airlive is a strong and reliable partner and brings high quality products with strong technical support.

About AirLive

AirLive (Ovislink Corp.), provides products such as Wireless, IP, Security, Broadband communication systems and advanced innovations for home connections, SOHO and SMB. “Simple yet powerful networking” is the philosophy behind our entire product line. AirLive products are like trustable and dependable friends for yourself and your organization. AirLive is in your life!
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About Maven Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Maven Systems is a technology company with expertise in hardware (electronics / board design), firmware,  web, and mobile applications. Maven’s solutions spans across various domains such as industrial, smart meters, security, logistics, medical electronics, electronic consumer products and so on. Maven’s customers are spread over US, Brazil, China, Singapore, and India.  

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