Highlights at EMMA EXPO India 2011



Solutuion 1 : IPCAM + NVR + Web management Interface + AirLive Outdoor Wireless CPE

  • 24/7 Video/ Audio recording with smart playback
  • Monitor exact-location with build-in e-Map
  • Support up to 16 different camera channell
  • Best solution for Home, Office, Retail, and public trasportation.

Solutuion 2 : IPCAM + NVR / HD/ Professional(software)+ Web management Interface + AirLive Outdoor Wireless CPE

  • Comprehansive professional IP networking suveillance system solution
  • Friendly UI with Drag-&-Play to enhance the management experience
  • Smart dectection (Camera got moved, blocked or blured) / Smart searching for HD footages
  • High Pixel-accurate motion dection with selectable area
  • Intelligent video strage and management with Remote live viewing.

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High Power Router - N. Power
  • 802.11b/g/n router with 1000mW without antenna.
  • Covers up to 10 times the area comparing with normal powered solutions.
  • 2.6km distance in open space.
  • Multi function wireless mode that you can choose for your application.
  • USB port from N.Power allows you to plug in USB storage and have FTP file sharing instantly.
  • Powerful yet one of the best solutions for horizontal wireless connection service for home, SMB, Hotel, and Public Constructions.

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New Technology  


Beam Forming Technology

Beam Forming is the new technology to expand the coverage in multi-level homes and offices. It ultilizes two technologies (Direct Sensing and Muilti-path) to acheieve this purpose. N450R is the best vertical networking solution.


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Beam Forming

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