New Partnership with Grupo Núcleo

AirLive has just introduced its new partnership with Grupo Núcleo, a wholesaler connectivity specialist in Argentina. The deal agreement aims to increase the presence of the networking brand in argentine market.

More than 70 resellers and integrators systems attended the meeting and reviewed the AirLive switches, routers, wireless, CPE, IP cameras, among other products.

The event, presented by Maximiliano González Kunz, president of Grupo Núcleo, served as kick of AirLive at the new argentine distributor. González Kunz also announced the new Division of Connectivity, Security and Monitoring at the wholesaler.

"AirLive is more than a manufacturer of networking. Our wireless solutions offer more coverage, power and high connectivity. Our communications solutions has more than 15 years," said Ana Lee, AirLive Executive Sales in Latin America.

“We make this show to strength our commercial relationship and think new connectivity projects for the future months. At this regard, attendees showed great interest in AirLive technological proposal."

During the presentation, three resellers won an AirLive G.DUO. The winners were Marcelo Hamber, Leonardo Alvarez y Federico Oviedo.

The efforts to provide increasingly benefits are conspicuously warn on the features and benefits of equipment. Such is the case of the power in dbm providing wireless equipment, which have been developed considering the needs of

Connectivity of the Latin American countries.

AirLive and Grupo Núcleo showed 24 ports switches with FSH and GSH, with exclusive features. Also reviewed models of routers, wireless indoor and outdoor equipment, dongles, CPE, IP cameras and their respective characteristics, highlighting the Grupo Núcleo focus on AirLive, such as bundle WN-200R (dongle) and G.DUO.

“WN-200R gives QoS support and Multiple SSID. Another point to highlight is the AirLive antennas. They work with higher radio power and unrestricted the average available in the market. Also AirLive WL-5460AP and WL-54570AP, the 5 LAN ports, in Gateway mode keeps the same power. This is the most powerful router in the market," said Hernán Morales, AirLive Product Manager at Grupo Núcleo in Mar del Plata.

"Another powerful and versatile product, which is reaching the Argentine market, is G-DUO. POE port has two radios, with 26 dBm ideal power to build WiFi zones.

One of the most high-powered accessories is WL-1700USB. It is a 1 Watt dongle with a 5 dBi antenna. It is ideal as a repeater or client where there is not an AP available. WISPs are using WL-1700USB as a client to improve their service”, said Morales. “In 3G equipment, Air3G is a new equipment for Argentina, which allow you to install small hot spots with 1 watt of power. This system, including take advantage of 3G services providers, gives 9 times more coverage. Another new product is Traveler 3G II a portable router mobile with a large battery autonomy and a very competitive price.

In wireless outdoor and indoor solutions, and IP cameras video surveillance, Grupo Núcleo will manage the full line of equipment with sources from the origin”.
Alejandro Checchia, at Grupo Núcleo Buenos Aires, described the Connectivity Unit at Grupo Núcleo. “In our strategy, AirLive share the stage with passive networking, racks, UPS and other antennas complementary brands.”

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