AirLive holds IP Cam Training Seminar in Ceske Budejovice!

AirLive held an IP Cam Training on June 23rd, 2009 at Ceske Budejovice!
It was an excellent time of sharing our technology to the public. 

A variety of visitors coming from all over Europe, all whom expressed wide interested towards our IP Cameras.

We had excellent discussions during our Q&A period. Many whom ask intriguing questions about our products and services.

Many visitors made several appointments with Milan Krejzlik, our Sales Representative from AirLive 

We were delighted to serve you and hope to do this again next soon!


10:00  New products – Milan Krejzlik

10:00-13:00  IP Cameras - presentation and hands on  (Tomas Docekal)


14:00-15:00  IP Cameras - presentation and hands on

15:00-16:00  Case studies – Milan Krejzlik

16:00- 17:00  RS-3000, IAR-5000 introduction and practical info – Tomas Docekal

17:00  Certification and lottery of questionaires


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