AirLive Security Training in Czech Republic

AirLive hosted a Security Training in Czech Republic on April  2nd, 2009. 

AirLive's Local Representative, Milan Krejzlik, introduced our new products and services to our attendants.

AirLive's Marketing Manager, Liba Krejzlikova, interacting with our visitors and potential buyers.

Explaining our products and services to our visitors

Mr. Ivan Zluva introduced several case studies and how to set up security products or VPN tunnels.

Our attendants listening during our presentation.

 Many expressed interests in our products and services.
They look foward to see more AirLive products and hope to cooperate with us in the near future.

9:30 – 10:00  New products – Milan Krejzlik

10:00-11:00  Security products- presentation and hands on (Tomas Docekal)

15:00-16:00  Case studies – Leos Neudert, K2N way s.r.o.MW-2000 + 12 WL-5460AP. OD-300CAM, POE-100CAM and POE switch

14:00-16:00  RS-3000, 2500, 1200 presentation and hands on  (Ivan Zluva)

16:00- 16:30  IAR-5000 introduction and practical info – Tomas   Docekal

16:30-17:00  IP-2000VPN – how to set up VPN – Ivan Zluva

17:00  Certification and lottery of questionaires


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