AirLive IP Cam Training

AirLive hosted an IP Cam Training in Czehc Republic on March 26th, 2009.

AirLive's Local Representative, Milan Krejzlik, introduced our new products to our attendants.

Our visitors listening intently to our presentation.

We also gave hands-on tutorial on exactly how to manage an AirLive IP Camera

Everyone enjoyed the training very much and many stayed to ask questions during our Q&A meeting.
We also had several visitors expressing interests in our Case Studies and invited Milan Krezslik to visit them.
We look foward to make several new training in the near future. Thankyou

9:30 – 10:00  New products – Milan Krejzlik

10:00-13:00  IP Cameras - presentation and hands on (Tomas Docekal, Ondrej Malota, Martin Horak)

14:00-15:00  IP Cameras - presentation and hands on (Tomas Docekal, Ondrej Malota, Martin Horak)

15:00-16:00  Case studies – Leos Neudert, K2N way s.r.o.

16:00- 17:00  IAR-5000 introduction and practical info – Tomas   Docekal

17:00  Certification and lottery of questionnaires 


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