Successful introduction of AirLive new products at Cebit 2008

AirLive, one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipments,
has successfully introduced new products for this year at Cebit show in Hannover, March 2008.

In Hall 13, booth Nr. B88 were many products to see for 3 segments of the
customers as AirLive Home, AirLive Office and AirLive WISP.

AirMedia -3000  Wireless Multimedia server that attached to your TV will wirelessly plays contents of your
computer even from other room, special functions like zoom to TV will make your TV play
Youtube  in full screen and many more remotely controlled functions.


WMU-7000AV Wireless Multimedia Network Hard Drive player
that canplayback video on TV and share files wirelessly.

HP-3000E Ultrafast 200Mbps PowerLine Ethernet Adapter to use the
existing electrical wiring to connect computers within your home.

AirLive Office

WIAS-1200G Wireless Hotspot Gateway offers all in one solution for Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants to provide
or sell internet connection. Cost effective solution to provide internet connection to customers.

IP-2000VPN Internet VPN router that ensures to set up up to 10VPN tunnels, very useful for Home office workers.

AirVideo-2000 Wireless Video Presenter brings to your meeting or conference room freedom and
saves your time. Easy set up and instant switching between users is very convenient and above all
the Access Point function enableswireless internet for all meeting attendants.

AirLive WISP

WLA-9000AP Hi-Power Multiple Mode Wireless Access Point with 2 radios for WISP to empower their wireless networks. Developed for complete indoor/outdoor application provides cost effective solution for building wireless network.

WHA-5500CPE Hi-Power Multiple Mode Wireless PTP/PTM Outdoor CPE that operates in quiet 5GHz spectrum and
can reach the distance over 5km in good weather condition. The AirLive WHA-5500CPE was developed for complete
outdoor application to ensure stabile and long distance connection, reduce costs and save time to build wireless network


Many more new products were introduced at Cebit and more info can be found on

We were very happy to meet our existing customers and also many editors from different
countries who help our company and brand to be more successful worldwide.

Thank you very much for visiting our booth and we are looking forward our future cooperation.



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