The AirLive Brazil Roadshow

The AirLive Brazil Roadshow was held during April and May in several places to introduce to customers

AirLive new products and technologies!

The AirLive Brazil Roadshow was held in Campinas, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Salvador.


The aims of the AirLive Brazil Roadshow were:
1.To introduce new AirLive products and Roadmap
2.To help attendants grow their networking knowledge and profession

The presentations were held by Mr. Jose Marcos Junior Medeiros whom precisely introduced to
attendants all news and information.

Mr. Medeiros also introduced WISP solutions and detailed schemes of network using AirLive solution.

All attendants received also latest marketing materials such as AirLive catalogues and brochures.

Thank you everyone for great effort and attention.

Looking forward to seeing you at next Roadshow in your wonderful country.



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