AirLive joins Grupo Núcleo as its new wholesaler in Argentina

In order to expand its dealer network, AirLive, one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipment, announces the appointment of Grupo Núcleo as its new distributor for the Argentine market of all network solutions, communications equipment and IP surveillance solutions.
“AirLive will help us to improve the portfolio of products for our resellers,' said Maximiliano González Kunz, president at Grupo Núcleo.
Grupo Núcleo is a company over 15 years of experience and focuses on the marketing of products, technology supplies and accessories. At its plant in 2700m2 covered are the logistics center, parking and Sales, RMA, Logistics, Administration, Purchasing and Marketing.
In order to develop the connectivity business unit, Hernan Morales joined the company. He is well experience in AirLive technologies and work previous at other wholesaler to the brand. Morales will be in charge for technical and commercial advice to the channel, and to address emerging projects in infrastructure and security.
In late 2009, Grupo Núcleo opened its plant in Buenos Aires City. With this new logistic center, which has a 2000 m2 warehouse, parking, showroom and sales floor, the wholesaler provides more services and business opportunities to the Argentine channel.
Alejandro Checchia has a great experience in the business and is carrying out the integration of all products associated to develop new businesses and opportunities. Thus, the wholesaler reaches a larger coverage area, reaching customers who need a local model projects.
AirLive arrival of a Grupo Núcleo is part of an ambitious plan for market development with the incorporation of competitive and high profitability. With its highly skilled in technology, personal attention and after-sales service, Grupo Núcleo will contribute to the growth of connectivity solutions and AirLive IP surveillance.
'Working together with the Grupo Núcleo will enable us to reach more integrators and resellers. They will find solutions with more value add and profitability,' said Lee. 'Our goal is to assist Grupo Núcleo in the distribution and implementation of AirLive connectivity solutions and offer all the technological benefits of our proposal. '
As a matter of fact, AirLive increase marketing activities and communication, adding more benefits for business partners with a strong commercial support and POP materials for retail stores. In addition, AirLive incorporate a technical support that will address the requirements of the distributors.
Among the main objectives of the agreement include a wide variety of products with AirLive permanent stock in all lines and trade policies to protect the profit margins of the channel.
'In addition to high quality products, AirLive always maintain a reliable and stable relationship with our customers. AirLive offers ongoing support and education for their clients, even the know-how of new technologies such as IP surveillance,” said Ana Lee.
'The addition of AirLive, our company helps to improve the portfolio of products for our resellers,' said Gonzalez Kunz. 'Grupo Núcleo follows the ideal of continuous improvement, finding new answers to technology challenges. Our goal is to provide quality products, opening the range of options for each segment of customers so they can find what they need at the point of sale. '

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