New service for AirLive™ VoIP products launching
A VoIP Phone/Device can save you a great deal of money over your traditional phone service. But many users still have setting issues about VoIP device. Now AirLive would like to provide VoIP device with free AirLive.SIP service so that the user can easily enjoy the VoIP’s advantages.

AirLive would like to provide an easy way to experience VoIP for those who do not want to spend time to do the setting. Each AirLive-SIP-based VoIP product will be pre-configured with free AirLive.SIP account(s). That means the user can easily use free AirLive SIP service without any VoIP settings. Simply plug your AirLive-SIP-based VoIP product into your network and it is ready to make VoIP calls.

Free AirLive.SIP Service
AirLive VoIP service is currently free of charge but is only provided to the users of AirLive SIP VoIP devices. The service supports unlimited VoIP calls (AirLive -to- AirLive only). Of course the user can still set up the device for use with his/her own VoIP SIP number.

The AirLive.SIP service currently only offers VoIP to VoIP phone calls. It does not support VoIP-to-PSTN or PSTN-to-VoIP service. If you need PSTN capability, please subscribe to your local ITSP service.

AirLive.SIP is offered as a free service to AirLive customers only. We do not guarantee the quality of the phone call. The service contents and termination are subject to change without notice.

AirLive Service Features can provide the following free features to the users of AirLive SIP VoIP products:
• Unlimited VoIP calls (AirLive to AirLive only)
• Caller ID Display
• Call waiting

• 100 % Free VoIP calls to reduce the phone bill (device-to-device calls only)
• Unlimited talk-time for free per call
• Built-in VoIP number
• Easy to use (Plug-And-Play)
• Good voice quality

Typical Users
• Employees in different office / Branches
• Traveling Businessmen
• Boyfriend / Girlfriend
• Family members living in different areas
• Overseas Students / Dormitory Students
• People with heavy usage of telephones
Supported Products

Available Models

Product Description Supports registration of up to 3 accounts Maximum Number of VoIP Phones with AirLive number(s)


VoIP-120A 2FXS ports SIP VoIP ATA Yes 2
VoIP-210RS 1FXS port SIP VoIP Router No 1
VoIP-211RS 1FXS + 1FXO ports SIP VoIP Router No 1
VoIP-220RS 2FXS ports SIP VoIP Router No 2
VoIP-440S 4FXS ports SIP VoIP Gateway No 4
ePhone-1000S SIP IP-Phone No 1
ePhone-2000S SIP IP-Phone Yes 1
System requirements
To ensure good voice quality, we recommend that the internet speed is more than 128 kbps on each VoIP port.
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