OvisLink Corp. introduced AirLive™ NEW Website

Taiwan, Oct. 2007 – AirLive™, one of the most international well-known networking and communication companies, always devotes in new technology but never satisfied with current results. Now, AirLive™ presents the brand new website to show how it steps forward than other companies.

As illustrations here, New AirLive™ Website has more active and interactive surfaces for people who visit here. Moreover, this website has abundant information including clear product specification, technical support materials, news articles and unique AirLive™ SkyClub partner program. What is more important, meanwhile, friendly is one of AirLive™ NEW website pursuits, to has a smart Search Engine to help visitors find every information they need from AirLive™.

Besides above, AirLive™ NEW website has fresh look too. It is very clear that AirLive™ has insisted its brand image from
product design, colour box, marketing materials, advertisements, public display and so on. Please welcome to visit www.airlive.com anytime and enjoy it.



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