OvisLink Corp. Announces Official Member of Wi-Fi Alliance


Being a member of Wi-Fi enables OvisLink to extend wireless LAN market and ensure interoperability benefits

Taipei, Taiwan, April 1, 2003- OvisLink Corp. today announces itself to be a new member of Wi-Fi Alliance. By joining Wi-Fi, OvisLink is able to leverage its expertise in  wireless products, while maintaining a strong stance on open standards. Furthermore, it is able to extend the wireless LAN market through promoting the use of Wi-Fi.

The approach of OvisLink is to bring to market the AirLive series of IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN that offers appreciated price, ease-to-use, and most importantly, the interoperability of use. The AirLive wireless LAN solutions will be submitted to Wi-Fi soon in the future for certification of Wi-Fi seal of interoperability.



About the Wi-Fi
The Wi-Fi Alliance was originally established as the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA) in August of 1999 by several of the leading wireless LAN manufacturers. This is a non-profit organization formed to certify interoperability of Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) products and to promote Wi-Fi as the global wireless LAN standard across all market segments.

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