AirLive Router Portable Traveler II 3G


Permanently connected. So are the vast majority of users, especially since we have mobile broadbands. The ADSL has been a revolution in homes around the world and now operates the mobile connectivity to the Internet as a tool of work and leisure, adds a new option to stay all the time on-line access our favorite information. Currently, the 3G is the most reliable and fast access to Internet content from any compatible mobile device using their own mobile phone connection. So, if we could share the 3G to other devices anywhere in the world smoothly and quickly and efficiently?

Product Box

That is the idea the AirLive portable router Traveler 3G II exploits. Crammed into a small case, we can take it anywhere, thanks to its internal battery, it's always running. You can share both a 3G connection as an ethernet, creating a wireless network that can be used by all devices that are in the range. Traveler 3G II is very useful in situations of great travel and mobility. So what we suggest in the box, where we see an image of the small device and a warning, of course, does not include any USB connectivity with 3G, as we dispose of it (remember what we can provide mobile operators virtually anywhere.) Also lists the supported protocols, and behind a chart of the process that follows the shared device connectivity.


Along with the portable router are a few things. The first one is a rechargeable lithium battery, which is essential for the router is completely portable. After a short Ethernet cable to connect to the network and be able to configure (or wired him). Next is a basic installation guide and a CD with manuals and more. Finally, attach the power adapter to recharge the battery.

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Official Web Page: Air Live Traveler 3G II.

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