In December 2001, CMP publication's Computer Reseller News(CRN) tested 16-port switches from all the major manufacturers in their multi-national MC edition. The contestants include entries from OvisLink, 3Com, Allied Telesyn, Dlink, and SMC. OvisLink's Ether-FSH16D switch won CRN's recommendation with a score of 9.1 points out of 10, the highest among all contestants.

The laboratory has evaluated the comparison based on performance, simplicity to incorporate new devices in the Lan, information provided by LEDs. At this point the laboratory said: 'In this part of the test, the switch Ether-FSH16D of OvisLink's distinguished over others as it includes a buffer status display which alows network administrators to analize information on-line about switch performance.'

Other reasons why OvisLink has won this award are the excelent quality/price ratio, the result of incluiding Up-Link port, switch on/off, internal power supply, grooves with fan to avoid any problem with overheating, 19' rack mountable, and a very economic price with a Life Time Warranty*.

*Warranty term in Spain, warranty term varies in different regions.

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