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2013-01-31 AR AR Logistic Solution

Wireless IP Surveillance Project at Dock Facilities


Hardcomputacion H4MS successfully deployed a surveillance solution along customs and loading areas in Euroamerica port site (Argentina) With a maximum range of 600 meters and an average bit rate required to transmit high-definition video, all the cameras installed thoroughly monitor the whole port area
Located in Campana, Buenos Aires province, along the 98th kilometer next to River Paraná de las Palmas (Argentina); Euroamérica is a privately held waterway terminal with refrigerated cargo operations (predominantly fruits) and dry cargo (forestry products and machinery, among others)



Due to the large number of radio signals operating simultaneously at this location, the calibration of AirMax5 equipment was the biggest problem to be solved. Despite of this, the average bit rate gain needed to view high definition cameras was achieved.

According to project managers, the result obtained through AirLive’s products was excellent, highlighting the technical support from Airlive local team assisting throughout the whole installation.



All the IP cameras for this project (OD-600HD and OD-325HD) were connected to independent CPEs in order to be able to send video traffic to the monitoring station. In some cases, a single CPE supported two video cameras.

The base stations (Airlive Airmax DUO) were deployed at the monitoring center site and by means of 90 degrees sector panels reached the required spectrum. Several Airmax DUO were installed in the same tower.

Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2 switches managed all the video traffic flow in order to avoid any delays during the live picture stream, while servers’ configuration provided both video storage and real time viewing.

All cameras were set in the range going from 20 FPS (frames per second) up to 30 FPS (all the OD-325HD were set to 30 FPS). Non-Airlive domes were set at 20FPS. The overall bit rate was at an average of 25FPS, clearly surpassing the required average bit rate for the entire project, and therefore fulfilling entirely the original targets.

The width and extension of the area provided clear lines of sight which was a determinant factor for the great performance of all devices on this deployment. The topology used was simple: AirMax5 under client mode infrastructure linked to central nodes of AirMax DUO set to AP mode.

IP Camera

OD-325HD H.264 MegaPixel Outdoor 25M IR Night vision POE Camera

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