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2013-11-22 CL CL Warehouse

IP Video Surveillance Project in Warehouses at Chile


The Grupo Magal, developer of large building projects at Chilean real estate market, relied on AirLive`s IP video surveillance solutions to monitor the stores that builds and rents for their customers.


The area to cover had seven warehouses aligned over an area of 140 meters long by 60 meters wide. The spaces to surveillance included three corridors and two gates. The following is a list of each of the places that required monitoring and security:

  1. Corridor north-facing 140 meters long
  2. Corridor east of 60 meters long
  3. Corridor west of 60 meters long
  4. Vehicular access gate located on the west side
  5. Main vehicular access gate located in the east of the complex


Due to the importance of surveillance and security of the goods stored in large spaces, the integrator Ivar Michelena Viti from IP Ingeniería Ltda recommended to install on warehouse Lampa I, at Magal, four cameras: two AirLive FE-200VD and two AirLive POE-5010HD.

The AirLive FE-200VD were located at 7 meters height above the northeast and northwest corners of the warehouses with tailored extension arms. On the other hand, the AirLive POE-5010HD were placed 15 meters away from the gates and 2 meters high with a 30 mm lens set. In this project recommended using Fast Ethernet bandwidth to support all four IP cameras and guarantee network speed according to the video surveillance needs and monitoring in real time.

The integrator in charge of the project ensures that the results were excellent. The POE-5010HD cameras installed allowed to obtain a record clear of vehicle IDs, drivers’ faces, the presence of companions, among other details.

With the FE-200VD they obtain images of cars at 75 meters away from the camera. Across both cameras, the target moves away from one, the other is approaching, so it is always possible to identify the vehicle in its travel. According to the project managers, the four cameras replaced the eleven proposed before by other integrator.

The distance to monitor required installing switches in difficult sites of the warehouse. This problem was solved using discrete small sized and well ventilated enclosures.

IP Camera

FE-200DM 2 megapikselowa sufitowa kamera typu Fisheye
POE-5010HD 5 megapikselowa kamera IP typu Box z ICR


ACC-BOXCAM-IR30 Outdoor IPCAM Housing with IR LED

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