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2016-10-17 AR AR Hotel

AirLive wireless connectivity solution for hotel at Mar del Plata, Argentina

A hotel at Mar del Plata, Argentina, needed to upgrade its infrastructure wireless connectivity to provide good WiFi services to its passengers. The hotel has 220 rooms and can host up to 900 passengers.



The main challenge was to provide a high-speed infrastructure, modern aesthetics, scalable and centralized management, achieving excellent coverage on each floor which has a central corridor of 45 meters, with thick walls and slabs to connect 80 devices per floor. Besides infrastructure should have the particularity to expand and reduce Internet providers easily to accommodate connectivity costs to seasonal demand hotel. As a detail, the hotel had existing wiring for one equipment per floor.



The study and selection of solutions was design by the integrator Mardel Tec Technology & Innovation. After analyzing the different options that were on the market it was decided to build an infrastructure composed of two access points per floor AirLive AC.TOP connected to a managed switch AirLive SNMP-GSH2804L.



This infrastructure granted the ability to support many more concurrent devices connected by computer, as well as easier to segment the network and adding Internet providers according to seasonal demand. It also allows to easily manage all access points from a single application as AirLive Central.

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