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Video IP Surveillance System AirLive at fishing port of Ecuador

Video IP Surveillance System AirLive at fishing port of Ecuador

The fishing port craft of Anconcito city, Ecuador, implemented a video IP surveillance and security system based in cameras AirLive.
Eladio Ramirez Leonardo Vera, Director General of Information Technology and Communications of “Infraestructuras Pesqueras del Ecuador, Empresa Pública (IPEEP)”, and Martin X.Correa, manager of Telered, equipment supplier and integrator of the solution, lead the project. The contract include the installation of an IP video surveillance system into two ports and a remote monitoring center at the head office, and a system of integrated communications.

Infraestructuras Pesqueras del Ecuador, a Public Enterprise (IPEEP) is the state agency that required the construction of the project.

The new artisanal fishing port streamlines all activities that occur around fishing under a concept of integral service. The main work is the pier. Its breakwater has about 440 m through 5 floating pontoons 150 m each, can acoderarse to 210 boats between fibers and motherships.

This work is part of a government project that seeks to build 27 piers along the whole Ecuadorian coast by the end of 2017




The Direction of Information Technology and Communications, of the Artisan Fishing Port Anconcito requested a technical report detailing the equipment needed to install 33 cameras in total, detail its exact location and make a photographic report of the 33 cameras in the day and night. Also, they asked a design of a plane and location of the IP cameras.


Another requirement was identify existing blind spots in the commercial area, administrative offices and operational area.




Eladio Leonardo Vera Ramírez, IPEEP, and Martín X. Correa,  Telered S.A. CEO (, AirLive supplier of cameras and project manager, shared with AirLive a complete and detailed technical report that allows all the details related to the installed system.

The Pan / Tilt Zoom feature that provides the fastest SD-2020 AirLive dome covers the areas of booths, beach, docks, among others. Five were installed in total.


The outdoor surveillance is covered by AirLive BU-3026-IVS, BU-3025, BU-3026 (booths, shops, warehouses) (5 cameras).


Monitoring of commercial, preprocessing, warehouses and offices were in charge of the mini domes AirLive MD-3025 and MD-3025-IVS (22 in total).


Finally, the fish-eye camera FE-501 OD complete surveillance in the area of preprocessing.

The solution is completed with 10 fiber connections from different locations to the room voice and data.




According Eladio Ramirez Leonardo Vera, the hardware of the cameras easily approach to the average of the features found in the market: range, low-light sensors, housing, etc.

The main difference AirLive or technological advantage over its competitors in Ecuador was the CamPro and CMS software. Its technical characteristics, such as ease of use, clear and intuitive management environment (in Spanish), sensors and alarms management, among others, meeting all the needs of management. "Definitely we loved the atmosphere of management, and based on the utility that presents us are already rethinking the number of positions or have security guards at ports. In Ecuador, each position or guard has an average cost of $ 3,000 per month. Consequently, the savings would be significant, "says Vera Ramirez.

In order to graphically display the results included a complete list of the physical image of the cameras, from software in the day and night.


Besides, Martin X. Correa, Telered, said: "We have deployed three cameras at three fishing ports, Anconcito, Santa Rosa and Low High (coming soon), and all the cameras can record locally on each port, but also from the city of Manta can be seen as the central management of fishing ports, the AirLive application is the CMS and works perfectly. For that reason, this application was determined to look how to save guard posts at each port."


IP Camera

FE-501OD 5MP Fisheye Outdoor IP67 PoE Camera
BU-3026-IVS 3-Megapixel 25 meter Wide Angle IR Bullet Type IPCAM with Video Analytics
BU-3026 3-Megapixel 25 meter Wide Angle IR Bullet Type IPCAM
MD-3025-IVS 3-Megapixel IR Vandal Mini Dome IPCAM with Video Analytics
MD-3025 3-Megapixel IR Vandal Mini Dome IPCAM
MD-3025-IVS 3-megapikselowa miniaturowa kamera kopułkowa z diodami IR i oprogramowaniem do analizy video
SD-2020 2-Megapixel 20X Optical Zoom Speed Dome IP Camera

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