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2015-03-02 CL CL School

AirLive IP surveillance solution for monitoring educational institution


The school “Colegio Nuestra Señora de Ayquina”, located at Calama, Chile, needed to detect and prevent events that commonly occur within their facilities.

According to the project managers, the biggest challenge faced was that the 36 cameras were running on a server, the videos views were available in high-resolution images and PoE technology support distances up to 70 meters.


The main objectives were preventing cases of bullying (inside and outside the school) and coexistence problems, monitoring the income of people outside the establishment, control schedules of entry and exit, feature detection, possession of drugs, robbery and theft inside and outside the establishment, through protected areas schedules.

On the other hand, those in charge of school safety needed to communicate through the IP cameras with people captured in the visual field to listen and talk directly with them.

Besides the monitoring system should provide the ability to program audio messages upon the occurrence of an event, prevent damage and graffiti writing and putting up posters outside the establishment, sending alerts via e-mail.


The installer Marco Duarte Burgos, from Eduredes, a company with high technical qualification, recommended the implementation of a video surveillance system based on AirLive IP cameras to cover the following physical spaces: 

Cameras (Number in brackets)

Building front (8)

Patio (4)

Main Offices Access (1)

Room teachers (1)

Access Laboratories (1)

Corridors (6)

Other Labs and facilities (1)

Dark Patio (1)

Multimedia Workshops (3)

Auditorium I and II (2)

Access Auditorium (1)

Offices UTP (2)

Departure Hall (1)

Access sister offices (1)

Kitchen (1)

Rectory Offices (1)

Dining Room (1)

Total 36

The proposed system should meet the challenge of linking large distances to the server and solve electrical problems. The number of cameras operating simultaneously under high and low temperatures throughout much of the year, with a high traffic outside in hard to reach places and during times of increased human activity.


The robust camera system solves a lot of needs inside the building. In addition to preventing events like robbery or theft, IP cameras play an important role in detecting bullying events. With different levels of access permissions can also protect the security of information.

IP Camera

MD-3025-IVS 3-Megapixel IR Vandal Mini Dome IPCAM with Video Analytics
MD-3025-IVS 3-megapikselowa miniaturowa kamera kopułkowa z diodami IR i oprogramowaniem do analizy video
FE-200DM 2 megapikselowa sufitowa kamera typu Fisheye
FE-200CU 2-MegaPixel Wall Mount Fish Eye PoE IPCAM

POE Switches

POE-FSH808AT 8-portowy 48V Fast Ethernet Switch 802.3at/802.3af z 2 gigabitowymi portami Web Smart Switch

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