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AirLive Surveillance Network Solution for Runway Safety


Runway safety is a significant challenge and a top priority in aviation. Runway incursions occur daily in the Middle East airports. Each of these incidents has the potential to cause significant damage to both persons and property.

A runway incursion is defined as: Any occurrence at an aerodrome involving the incorrect presence of an aircraft, vehicle or person on the protected area of a surface designated for the landing and takeoff aircraft.

Due to the case in working with the runway safety project of an airport in the Middle East, a partner of AirLive has developed a surveillance network solution to safeguard the Airport’s runway with instant alerts, investigations and identifications ability.


Identifying Complex intrusion

Under multiple intrusions approach, even with multi-motion-detection regions setting ready, only one single alert signal will be received. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to identity three varied alerts at the same time 

Facilitating incident investigations and Identifications needed

Located the alert, incident investigation to identify the authority of the person/vehicle/objects that enter the restricted area – day or night


In order to fulfill client’s needs, AirLive chooses BC-5010 camera with CoreNVR16 advanced function to provide 3 varied-setting simultaneously alerts when someone, a vehicle, or any objects that enter the restricted area.

In addition, SD-2020 camera facilitates the incident investigations and identifications with High-quality HD TV video images.

AirLive Surveillance Network Solution provides a future-proof and flexible solution to secure the airports runway safety.

IP Camera

SD-2020 2-Megapixel 20X Optical Zoom Speed Dome IP Camera
BC-5010 5-Mega Pixel Box Type PoE IP Camera


CoreNVR 16 Network Video Recorder
CoreNVR 9 Network Video Recorder
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