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Great IP surveillance project with AirLive´s cameras at Brazil


A Brazilian company located in the city of Cascavel, Parana state, located 520 km from the city of Curitiba, capital of Paraná, Brazil- choose AirLive cameras to monitor their properties.
The project was led by José Carlos Gomes (, integrator with a long experience in IP video surveillance.

The area to monitor -200 meters square - required the installation of 72 cameras AirLive. According to the project leaders, the large variety of cameras AirLive provided a great versatility to meet the monitoring needs of the company.



In the sheds where staff works were installed 1.3 megapixel cameras (AirLive OD-325HD) to monitor areas where circulates a lot of dust and proof at outdoors environment is required.

In order to manage the administration staff and have infrared vision events or night anomaly multiple cameras AirLive POE-280HD were mounted. The project required also installing 2 megapixel cameras to control and monitor areas, objects or people with a higher level of detail. Here were chosen AirLive OD-2025HD cameras mounted on poles (two to three per post) to get a broad peripheral vision outdoor without leaving any point outside of the monitoring angle.



The area for loading and downloading of goods and movement of trucks was one of the most critical points of the company. Therefore they decided to get a much clearer picture than a 2 megapixel camera mounting cameras AirLive POE-5010HD 5-megapixel with an additional enclosure for outdoor installation. Remarkably the high definition of this camera offers a significantly increases the ability of the guard to control in detail the face of all the people moving around the perimeter

The large number of cameras installed to monitor the properties is managed from a central rack and 5 mini racks interconnected via optical fiber to withstand the high traffic of images and huge consumption of bandwidth. In addition, each mini rack has a UPS that provides at least 30 minutes before a possible autonomous outage. In addition to those hardware, all the racks have PoE switches that allow to send data and power through the same cable UTP

All video generated concentrates on two servers that store the video generated by the 36 IP cameras for at least 30 days. Furthermore, the monitoring center, uses 8 PCs clones (each displayed 9 cameras) and 8 42-inch LCD panels to control all movements and events that happen in the company.

Due to the multitude and variety of cameras installed, the monitored area and the result obtained by the company, this IP video surveillance project is one of the most complete integration with AirLive products in Brazil.

IP Camera

OD-2025HD 2 megapikselowa zewnętrzna kamera IP z diodami IR o zasięgu do 25 m
OD-325HD H.264 MegaPixel Outdoor 25M IR Night vision POE Camera
DM-720 720P IR Night Vision PoE Dome IPCAM

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