Parking lots have unique security needs – requires clear imaging and recording under all-time dark environment or outdoor environment for any vandalisms or thefts happen. Parking lots always need security guards to check personally to make sure the environment is secure. AirLive surveillance solution will be valuable tools for security guards with its auto alerts and IVS functions on cameras.

Wide Area Coverage

AirLive’s fisheye IP camera for restaurant surveillance networking solution provides wide area coverage with its panorama 360?view. It can reduce the numbers of IP camera installed into the application to have cost advantages.


Maintain Food Quality
A system of AirLive cameras in kitchen can help to ensure that staffs adheres to health codes at all times, which helps keep customers safe and health inspectors happy.


Better Service

With AirLive’s expertise in wireless networking, AirLive surveillance Networking solution will not only providing secure environment for customers and staff, but also provide wireless service to customers. With its ability to extend services, solution can increase customer’s return rate.


Increase Profitability

AirLive Surveillance Networking solution helps users to indentify the customer flow and key area of the application to improve staff planning and restaurant layout. It is also a highly efficient loss prevention tool.


Solution Sample


IP Camera

MD-3025-IVS 3-Megapixel IR Vandal Mini Dome IPCAM with Video Analytics
MD-3025 3-Megapixel IR Vandal Mini Dome IPCAM
MD-3025-IVS 3-megapikselowa miniaturowa kamera kopułkowa z diodami IR i oprogramowaniem do analizy video
FE-200DM 2 megapikselowa sufitowa kamera typu Fisheye
FE-200CU 2-MegaPixel Wall Mount Fish Eye PoE IPCAM
BC-5010 5-Mega Pixel Box Type PoE IP Camera
POE-5010HD 5 megapikselowa kamera IP typu Box z ICR
POE-100HD-ICR Kamera IP 1.3 megapiksela z PoE i obsługą DC Iris i filtrem IR-CUT


CoreNVR 16 Network Video Recorder
CoreNVR 9 Network Video Recorder

POE Switches

POE-GSH2004L-370 24 Port Gigabit with 4 UTP/SFP combo 802.3AT Device Guard Web Smart Switch
POE-FSH808AT 8-portowy 48V Fast Ethernet Switch 802.3at/802.3af z 2 gigabitowymi portami Web Smart Switch
POE-FSH804AT 8-Port 802.3at/802.3af Fast Ethernet Switch with 4 PoE Ports
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