In recent years, public security concerns have increase significantly due to the threat of terrorist and public safety issue. For public transit stations, network video surveillance solutions have become the first source to identify suspects. Additionally, security cameras can prevent crime and vandalism within stations, and provide citizen sense of security.

Prevent Graffiti

Outdoor public transit stations such as bus stops and train stations are lack of security. AirLive surveillance IP cameras can be installed to detect and prevent the intruders who try to damage the assets or spray graffiti illegally. Cleaning up graffiti is an expensive task, and video surveillance helps in reducing the frequency of such activity. AirLive surveillance solution can work with alarms which can prevent the intruders enters the forbidden areas.


Crime Investigation
AirLive's IP surveillance footage can be extremely useful in investigating crimes in public stations. By analyzing recorded footage, security officials can identify suspects and examine what steps need to be taken to prevent future acts from occurring.


Enhance Surveillance Efficiency with Video Analytics

The use of intelligent surveillance with motion detection and object counting helps to quickly detect suspect actions outside or inside operation hours. This will not only increase the speed of responding alerts, but also preventing responding false alarms. Other than security purpose, AirLive's intelligent IP camera series can be value tools to record the daily traffic.


Automatic alerts around the clock

Public stations usually don't have 24/7 security guards to patrol surveillance. AirLive has night vision IP cameras which offer great night time imaging and also send out alerts automatic when detected intruders. By doing so, the solution can save costs on security guards and increase security efficiency by decrease chances of false alarm.

IP Camera

SD-3030 3-Megapixel 30X Optical Zoom Speed Dome IP Camera with Smart Tracking.
MD-3025-IVS 3-Megapixel IR Vandal Mini Dome IPCAM with Video Analytics
MD-3025 3-Megapixel IR Vandal Mini Dome IPCAM
MD-3025-IVS 3-megapikselowa miniaturowa kamera kopułkowa z diodami IR i oprogramowaniem do analizy video
SD-2020 2-Megapixel 20X Optical Zoom Speed Dome IP Camera
OD-2050HD 2-MegaPixel IR Outdoor Vandal PoE IPCAM
BU-720 720P Outdoor IR Night Vision IPCAM
OD-2060HD 2-MegaPixel Pan-Tilt Outdoor Vandal PoE IPCAM
BC-5010 5-Mega Pixel Box Type PoE IP Camera


CoreNVR 16 Network Video Recorder
CoreNVR 9 Network Video Recorder
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