Smart Tracking Software License for SD-2020

Key Features

  • Adjustable Tile/Pan Angle
  • Adjustable Detection Area Percentage
  • Home Function Support
  • Guard Timer Setting

AirLive introduces Smart Tracking functionality to SD-2020 IP Speed Dome Camera. Smart Tracking will automatically detect a moving person or vehicle and follow it within the camera’s area of coverage. The tracking continues until the moving object stops or disappears from the monitored area.

This intelligent program could help track the unexpected presence of people or vehicles require special attention under video surveillance. It will be helpful to secure the restriction regions with smart-tracking speed dome camera outer the business hours.

In those unmanned surveillance situations, Smart Tracking function not only reduces substantially the cost of the solution since fewer cameras/guards are needed to cover a scene, but it also increases the effectiveness and can catch more information to facilitate investigation afterwards.

The Smart Tracking is optional. Please contact us to purchase your license key and activate this function.

Adjustable Tile/Pan Angle

Define a tracking area for the detection and tracking movement of the camera. You can click and drag the PTZ pointer in the view window to the desired up(left) or down(right) tilt(pan) position. You can set the pan/tile boundary values.

Adjustable Detection Area Percentage

Detection range can be set to detect motions around the centre of the view window. Please choose a value to define the detection area (in percentage) around the centre point. The available options are , and< S(40%)>.

Home Function

This function allows users to set the main monitoring area as the home position for the camera. In addition, maximum time can also be set for defining the time for the camera to keep watching a stopped tracking object. The camera will return to the home position according to the defined time setting.

Guard Timer

Guard time is for defining the maximum tracking time of the camera for each chosen preset point.

Application Scenarios

AirLive Smart Tracking is specifically efficient in unmanned video surveillance situations where the occasional moving objects like people or vehicles need more attention.

Smart Tracking function is used very often at times and in areas with little or no activity; for example, at schools, offices, factories after working hours, or at retail stores, shopping malls, hotel corridors and parking lots during night time.

  • ST-SD20(Smart Tracking)
Camera Supprot
  • Model
    - SD-2020
  • Support Brand
    - AirLive
  • Support Language
    - English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Russian
  • View Angle Limitation
    - Adjustable Pan/Tile Angle
  • Detection Range
    - S(40%), M(50%), L(60%)
  • Home Settings
    - Home Position, Time
  • Guard Settings
    - Guard Position, Time


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ST-SD20 Smart Tracking Software License for SD-2020

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