1/4 CMOS Dual Stream DOME MPEG-4 IP Camera

Key Features

  • 1/4 CMOS Dual Stream DOME IP Camera
  • Dome Type PoE IP Camera
  • 2-Way Audio Capability
  • Dual Stream MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG Support
  • 2.5G and 3.5G View from Mobile Phone
  • Language Pack and Web Monitor
  • 802.3af PoE Port
  • Use in estates surveillance, offices, hallways, elevators and shopping malls monitor.

The AirLive POE-200CAMv2 is a high performance camera designed for professional indoor surveillance and security applications. The VGA Progressive CMOS Sensor in the POE-200CAMv2 delivers exceptional picture quality. This new model complements an architecture and software that is based on variations for professional indoor surveillance and security applications. The possibility to view video from AirLive IP Cameras over the Internet is only one of the benefits. AirLive POE-200CAMv2 is designed to offer high-performance and is equipped with PoE port, ensuring to power IP camera and provide network activity via one RJ45 network cable. This provides an easier installation and lower cable costs and allows placement of Airlive POE cameras in locations with power limitation.

Video Quality

The AirLive POE-200CAMv2 supports simultaneous dual-streaming of MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG(MJPEG) to provide both high quality and bandwidth efficient compression formats. MJPEG delivers greater file integrity to make it ideal for detailed monitoring situations. MPEG-4 video has smaller filesizes that makes it more useful for extended recording periods or for use in lower bandwidth networks.This model also supports two way audio functions.

Language Pack Feature

This camera also comes with upgradeable device language pack offering fourteen differentlanguages for user-friendly operation. The language pack supports 14 languages now and is stillupdating. These languages include Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Portuguese, and more.

View from Mobile Phone

The RTSP protocol feature allows 3G and 2.5G mobile phones to display captured images fromthe camera for live video surveillance from a remote location. With automatic light adjustment thateliminates bit rate problems caused by poor night time performance, POE-200CAMv2 is the perfectsolution remotely monitor environment. * The mobile device must be Internet-ready. Support Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and beequipped with a 3G video player such as PacketVideo?, Quicktime?, or RealPlayer?, and haveInternet access.

* A PoE Switch or router is required to provide power via the Ethernet connection. * Use of video equipment for recording the image of a person without their knowledge and consentare prohibited in certain states or jurisdictions. The end-user assumes all liability for compliance withapplicable state, local, and federal laws.

APPS for Android and iOS

AirLive has worked with IPCAM Viewer developer to add support for AirLive IPCAM. So you can view multiple AirLive cameras using Android device, iPhone, or iPad. For more information about Android or iOS apps, please visit the FAQ page.

  • POE-200CAM v2
  • Camera Type
    - Indoor Dome Type
  • Image Sensor
    - 1/3” CMOS
  • Sensor Resolution
    - 640 X 480
  • Lens Type
    - Board Lens
    - 4.6mm, F1.8
  • Minimum Illumination
    - 1 LUX
  • Viewing Angle
    - 43°36' (H)
    - 33°23' (V)
    - 53°07' (D)
  • Video Compression
    - MPEG4, MJPEG
  • Video Profile
    - 2
  • Resolution and Frame Rate
    - 640 X 480 @ 30 fps
    - 320 X 240 @ 30fps
    - 160 X 120 @ 30 fps
  • Streaming
    - Multi-profile streaming
    - Streaming over UDP, TCP, or HTTP
    - M-JPEG streaming over HTTP (for non IE browser)
    - 3GPP mobile view
    - Configurable frame rate and bandwidth
    - Support both CBR and VBR
  • Image Processing
    - AE, AWB
    - Noise reduction
    - Color, brightness, sharpness, contrast, Hue
    - Mirror/Flip
    - Privacy Masks
    - Text, time and date OSD
  • Digital Zoom
    - 10x
  • Audio Encoder
    - RTSP: G.711 64kbps
    - 3GPP: G.711 64kbps
  • Audio Streaming
    - Two-way
  • Audio Input/Output
    - speaker and microphone port
  • Ethernet
    - One RJ45 Port; IEEE 802.3u Compliant 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet with Auto-MDIX
  • PoE or Wireless
    - IEEE802.3af
  • Supported Protocols
  • Security
    - Password protection
    - IP filter
    - HTTPS
  • Users
    - Up to 20 simultaneous users
LED and Button
  • Power LED
    - Blue Color
  • Link/Act. LED
    - Blue or red Color
  • Reset Button
    - Reboot and Factory Default (Push and Hold Over 5 Sec)
  • Network Processor
    - DSP Base
  • System ROM
    - 8MByte NAND Flash
  • System RAM
    - 64Mbyte DDR SDRAM
  • Power Supply
    - DC12V
  • Power Consumption
    - 8 Watts Max.
  • Connector
    - RJ-45 10BaseT/100BaseTX
    - 12V DC power jack
    - Speaker and Microphone jack
    - Reset button
  • Environment
    - Operation: Temp: 0℃ ~ 50℃ Humidity: 20% ~ 85% non-condensing
    - Storage: Temp: -15℃ ~ 60℃ Humidity: 0% ~ 90% non-condensing
  • Dimension
    - HxWxD:110 x 130 (φ)mm
System Integration
  • Software 
    - Search & Installation-IP Wizard II
  • Event Triggers
    - Motion detection
  • Motion Detection
    - 3
  • Event handler
    - FTP file upload
    - E-mail alert
    - HTTP notification
  • UPNP
    - Yes
  • Application Programming Interface
    - Open API for software integration
    - SDK
  • Video Buffer
    -  Pre- and post- alarm buffering
  • Alarm Triggers
    - Intelligent video motion detection
  • Alarm Events
    - File upload via FTP or email
    - Notification via email, HTTP
Viewing System
  • OS
    - Windows® XP, Vista, 7
  • Browser
    - IE 6.0 or later, Firefox 2.0 or later, Safari
  • Cell Phone
    - With 3GPP player
  • Video Player
    - VLC, Quick Time, Real Player, Core Player


Title Download
POE-200CAMv2 Spec Sheets Spec Sheets SC1209970316572
POE-200CAMv2 QIG QIG SC1300780893105
POE-200CAMv2 User Guide User Guide SC1210563646143
Building Stable Video Networks Other Documents SC1422927594154
IPCAM VMS NVR Compatibile List Other Documents SC1422927594154
Title Description Download
AirLive POE-200CAMv2 Firmware Version LM.1.6.18P13 ●Security Patch. Fix CGI security issue.
AirLive IP Wizard II version1.0.0.3 Easy installation with AirLive IP Wizard II Setup for discover AP & IPCam’s IP address and set up related parameter .
POE-200CAMv2, v.LM.1.6.18. Add Path of FTP support special character.
POE-200CAMv2, firmware version: LM., Add authentication of MJPEG over HTTP. Release Note
POE-200CAMv2, Firmware Version LM., add daylight saving time function. Display continuous snapshot in Safari of MAC.
POE-200CAMv2, Firmware Version LM. add MSN function
WL-2000CAM, Utility, IP Installer Version for XP&VISTA, add MSN Plug-in
WL-2000CAM, IPCAM language pack add new language French Polish Korean
POE-200CAMv2, Firmware Version LM. improve reset buttom issue.
POE-200CAMv2, Firmware Version LM. this is initial firmware with factory default.
WL-2000CAM Utility, Utility IP Installer Version for XP&VISTA revise language change issue.
Title Download
SDK (VGA) for WN-150CAM, IP-150CAM, POE-260CAM, WL-2600CAM SDK

Frequency Ask Questions (FAQ)

  • Q2 How to Access AirLive IP Camera on IE11

    Why I can't see the live view image on IE11?


    Due to IE11currently doesn't support ActiveX component, so you need to add the IP Camera to the "Compatibility View Setting" then you can easily access to the camera and view the image on IE11.  Please refer to the attached file for your reference.

    How to Access AirLive IP Camera on IE11.pdf
  • Q3 Why can't I see the video image using Windows 8's Internet Explorer?

    Windows 8 comes with 2 different versions of Internet Explorer.  Please use the Internet Explorer on the Windows 8's Desktop.  The Internet Explorer on the Metro interface does not support Active-X.

  • Q4 Can I take the picture with the same photo name every 1 minute?

    AirLive's IP CAM supports this function that can take the picture every one minute but the file can't be the same name. All the photos will be named by time.

  • Q6 If the sound from camera speaker is too low, which setting we can adjust?

    There are two ways to solve the problem. First way is to adjust the MIC boost setting in the computer. The second way is to adjust the audio out gain value in the camera web UI.

  • Q7 What is VBR and CBR?

    VBR and CBR can usually be found under IPCAM's camera settings.  VBR stands for "Variable Bit Rate". When the camera is set to "VBR" mode, the bandwidth used by IPCAM is determined by the image quality setting. CBR stands for "Constant Bit Rate".  When the camera is set to CBR mode, the users can defined what is the maximum bandwidth that the camera can use. For example, user can define the bit rate to "4Mbps". It means the camera can not use more than 4Mbps bandwidth. The image quality may drop to preserve the maximum bandwidth used.

  • Q8 Is this possible that camera works at horizontal position or vertical position?

    Yes, AirLive IP Camera can work at horizontal or vertical position. User can select rotation function to make the mirror or vertical flip.

  • Q9 IP Surveillance Installation Video - Firmware Configuration and Lens Adjustment

  • Q10 IP Surveillance Installation Video - Hardware

  • Q11 Is there any App that can help me to view my IP camera on my smart phone (iOS or Android)?

    The IP Cam Viewer can support AirLive IP Camera and help you to view AirLive IP camera on a iOS or Android smart phone. Please search for "IP CAM Viewer" and download this App in AppStore or Market.  The "IP CAM Viewer Lite" is free for Android.


    1.) If your camera is as under list, please choose the model “OD-600HD” of IP Cam Viewer.

    OD-600HD, OD-325HD,OD-325HD 2.5mm,

    POE-100HD, POE-100HD-ICR, POE-200HD,POE-250HD


    2.) If your camera is as under list, please choose the model “WN-2600HD” of IP Cam Viewer.

    WN-2600HD, POE-2600HD, OD-2060HD, OD-2025HD, OD-2025PHD, WN-200HD, IP-200PHD


    3.) If your camera is as under list, please choose the model “POE-5010HD” of IP Cam Viewer.


    4.) If your camera is as under list, please choose the model “WL-2600CAM” of IP Cam Viewer.

    WL-2600CAM, POE-260CAM, WL-2000CAM, WN-150CAM, IP-150CAM, WL-350HD, POE-280HD, POE-100CAM v2, POE-200CAM v2

  • Q13 What kind of the microphones can work with below AirLive IP Cameras?

    Please choose the microphone which is with a standard 3.5mm jack to connect with AirLive IP Cameras.

  • Q14 How to use AirLive IPCAM with mobile phone?
  • Q15 How to use AirLive IPCAM with network album?
  • Q16 Status of PoE consumption in POE-100CAM v2, POE-200CAM v2 and OD-300CAM by POE-FSH2442G?

    By power consumption monitoring function of POE-FSH2442G, we can get the below Watt value for reference.  




    IR On

    Recording + IR On

    POE-100CAM v2

    3.15 W

    3.21 W


    POE-200CAM v2

    3.15 W

    3.20 W



    4.63 W

    9.8 W

    9.96 W

  • Q17 How can I configure DDNS IPCAM at CamProExpress
  • Q19 How can i login to Airlive CamPro Express to see the WEB UI from internet.

Model No .

AirLive POE-200CAMv2 1/4 CMOS Dual Stream DOME IP Camera

EAN Code

13 Code 4719869615268
14 Code 14719869615265

Included Accessories

Packaging content: POE-200CAMv2, Power adapter, CD-ROM, QIG, Camera Lens

Optional Accessories

SP-100E Network Surge Protector

Standard Package

Packaging Type:
Packaging Size 260 x 185 x 155 mm
Packaging Weight: 0.905 kg

Carton Packaging

Quantity(units / per carton) 10
Dimensions 13.1 x 13.1 x 11 cm
Weight 10.43 kg
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