CoreNVR 16

Network Video Recorder

Key Features

  • Support up to 5MP IP Camera
  • Up to 4MP Resolution for Storage and Monitoring
  • H.264 Video Codec
  • High Resolution Local Display
  • Auto Search and Insert AirLive IP Cameras
  • Up to 6TB x two internal SATAlll HDD plus e-SATA for storage
  • RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 10 supported
  • Two-Way Audio
  • USB port for both mouse and joystick control panel
  • Event Alarm from Motion Detection, DI/DO, HDD Error
  • Remote Viewing on IE and CamPro Mobile Software on iOS / Android
  • ONVIF compliance

AirLive CoreNVR series is a new generation Network Video Recorder for home, retailer stores and small office applications. It supports up to 4 Megapixel resolution for IP cameras with H.264 video codec for high quality, real-time monitoring, recording and playback.  It also supports Local Display to provide you high resolution video quality on any HD monitor. You can easily setup the system by a few clicking on the build-in web pages of CoreNVR series with AirLive IP cameras for searching, configuring and notifications from multiple different alarm triggered.  Furthermore, with two internal 6TB SATAlll HDD and eSATA interface, it provides you more storage capacity and keeps the video files in the CoreNVR system for longer period.

Recording live monitoring and playback without additional PC

AirLive CoreNVR is a plug-and-play appliance and it utilizes the embedded Linux technology, which provides you easy setup and easy to manage the system with user friendly web-based GUI interface. For the connection, you may connect all AirLive IP cameras and CoreNVR system via AirLive POE switch as picture shown below. With AirLive POE switches and IP cameras, CoreNVR series will be your most reliable guard for securing your family and property.

Different display type on live Monitoring

Fully Control on your IP-Base Cameras on IE and Mobile app software

You may search and install AirLive IP cameras from IE interface with fully functional control which gives you more convenient and effeciency. AirLive CoreNVR also supports CamPro Mobile software for iOS and Android mobile systems, so you may connect to the CoreNVR at anytime as you need when you have smooth internet/WiFI connnections.

Multiple event detection and alarms to enhance security for your property

AirLive CoreNVR supports multiple event detection from motion, digital input detection, camera disconnect, HDD malfunction and schedule event trigger, all of them are able to send alarm through OSD display, digital output, Buzzer, trigger recording, e-mail, FTP, HTTP and TCP servers. Those alarm notifications provides you extra protection when such event occurs so you won’t miss any critical information.

Joystick, Mouse controlling interface for PTZ Cameras

AirLive CoreNVR is able to control IP cameras PTZ function with both mouse and USB interfaced joystick for fully control. Then joystick has 12 programmable buttons which allows you to re-difine the configuration on the CoreNVR system.

CMS for AirLive CoreNVR

The CMS for AirLive CoreNVR is a software to manage CoreNVR systems, it can be used as a control room to manage up to 256 channels, with low bitrate transmission and unlimited group management, the CMS is able to view maximum 64 channels at a page and you may switch between groups to see up to 256 channels live view or maximum 16 channels playback at a page. The CMS for AirLive CoreNVR is good for franchise stores via internet or large installations under LAN area, or any environment where needs control center to monitor for multiple AirLive CoreNVRs.


  • ARM Cortex A9
LAN Port
  • Giga RJ-45 Ethernet Port x 1
Video Output
  • Local Display x 2
Audio Input
  • MIC x 1 (phone jack 3.5mm)
Audio Output
  • Phone Jack 3.5mm x 1
  • SATAlll HDD up to 6TB x 2
  • e-SATA Port x1
  • USB Mass Storage
LED Indicator
  • PWR x 1, HDD x 1, LAN x 1, REC x 1, Event x 1, Alarm x 1, CAM x 1, DI x 4, DO x 4
  • Mouse x 1 / Backup x 1
Sensor In / Alarm Out
  • Digital Input x 4 / Digital Output x 4
  • Factory Default Reset x 1
  • Buzzer x 1


Video Codec
  • H.264
Audio Codec
  • G.711 / G.726
Video Resolution
  • QVGA / VGA / SXGA / Full HD / 3M /
  • 80Mbps
System Setting
  • Resolution selectable, 1024x768 / 1280x1024 / 1366x768 / 1440x900 / 1920x1080
    Display style selectable. Normal / Simple / Professional / Advance
    Reset Default
    Backup / Restore
    Firmware Upgrade
    System Restart
Live View
  • 1 / 4 / 9 / 16 Division / Full Screen
    Selectable display cameras
    Two-way audio
  • Support PTZ cameras
    Preset / Tour / Auto pan / Iris / Focus / Speed
    Able to control by Joystick
  • Schedule / RTC / Motion Detection / DI Detection / Event Trigger
    Pre-alarm / Post alarm configuration
    Auto recycle
    Save to internal HDD, eSATA or USB drive
  • 1 / 4 / 9 / 16 Division / Full Screen
    Play / Reverse / Pause / Seek / Pre- I frame / Next Frame
    Speeds: 1/4 , 1/2 , 1 , 2 , 4 , 8 , 16 , 32
    Convert to AVI
    Multi-Cameras Backup
Motion Detection
  • Up to 10 regions
    Adjustable Object Size and Sensitivity
Event Type
  • Motion Detection
    Digital Input
    Audio Detection
    Camera Disconnection
    Schedule Trigger
    HDD Error
  • Buzzer / DO / Display on Screen / Record / Snapshot / E-Mail / TCP / HTTP / FTP
Schedule Setting
  • RTC / Motion Detection / DI Detection / Event Detection
  • Fix IP / DHCP / PPPOE / DIPS Report / UPNP transversal
  • Preview snapshot in HDD or removable device
    Search event snapshot
    Backup to USB device
Disk Management
  • Partition management
    Format partition
    Samba management
    USB removable device
    Support RAID storage
  • English / Traditional Chinese / German / Greece / Korea / Russia / Spain / Portugal / Polish / Czech
Remote Program
  • Fully function remote live view and playback
    Support low bit-rate connection
    Selectable Camera Connection
    IE 7 or above
    iOS and Android mobile devices


  • AC100-240V/in, DC12V(4A)
  • Operating: 0°C ~ 40°C
  • Operating: 10%~80%
  • 33.3 x 5.7 x 25.2 cm
  • CE, FCC


Title Download
CoreNVR 16 Spec Sheets Spec Sheets SC1209970316572
CoreNVR 16 QIG QIG SC1300780893105
CoreNVR 16 User Guide User Guide SC1210563646143
CoreNV HDD Compatible List Other Documents SC1422927594154
CMS Manual Other Documents SC1422927594154
Building Stable Video Networks Other Documents SC1422927594154
CoreNVR16 QIG, Multi-Language Other Documents SC1422927594154
IPCAM VMS NVR Compatibile List Other Documents SC1422927594154
Title Description Download
AirLive CoreNVR16 Firmware Fixed 1.Fix GUI bugs 2.Fix remote OCX display wrong value in setting page 3.Fix remote cannot management HDD issue Improved 1.Improve Nand flash stability 2.Improve re-connect speed New Feature 1.Extend camera login password to maximum 127 words 2.Remote add bit-rate log function 3.Support HDMI volume adjust 4.Add schedule reboot function 5.Add Event alarm report dialog 6.Add system information display
AirLive CoreNVR16 Firmware Fixed 1.Gmail failed 2.GUI bugs 3.Two way audio Improved 1.Search best profile for channel rule 2.Record file system to increase record data stability New Feature 1.Add keep record minimum days 2.Support Onvif 2.6
AirLive CoreNVR16 Firmware New feature: Support the SD-3030 home button
CMS for CoreNVR 9/16 win64, 1. Added Event Alarm OSD. 2. Added Event Alarm List.
CMS for CoreNVR 9/16 win32, v. 1. Added Event Alarm OSD. 2. Added Event Alarm List.
AirLive CoreNVR16 Firmware New Feature: 1.Added playback in live view with each single channel. 2.Support New Cameras: FE-201DM, FE-501DM, FE-501OD. Improved: 1.Improved onvif compatible. 2.Improved Division Switching speed. Fixed: 1.Fixed PL/CZ language font 2.Fixed camera SDK1 discover protocol 3.Fixed OCX Digital Sign expired in IE. 4.Fixed IP input control in IE. 5.Fixed each SDK CBR bitrate range 6.Fixed calculate hard disk free space display wrong issue. 7.DHCP server no re-start even commit setup, to prevent lost lease list.
CMS for CoreNVR 9/16 win64 1. Added 32ch division 2. Multiple Monitor Support 3. Added E-MAP 4. Added 64bit version 5. Added multi-language 6. supported embedded NVR continue PTZ 7. Fixed user interface issue.
CMS for CoreNVR 9/16 win32 1. Added 32ch division 2. Multiple Monitor Support 3. Added E-MAP 4. Added 64bit version 5. Added multi-language 6. supported embedded NVR continue PTZ 7. Fixed user interface issue.
AirLive CoreNVR16 Firmware New Feature: 1.Support IVS Event Actions 2.Added Install Wizard 3.dded camera status dialog 4.Added DHCP server 5.supported continuously PTZ touring Improved: 1.Improved camera SDK1 image quality 2.Improved user interface issue 3.Improved search ip camera process 4.Improved onvif compatible 5.Improved re-connect to camera timing after setting 6.Improved rtsp server output performance Fixed: 1.Fixed remote audio not smooth issue 2.Fixed remote display wrong preset/tour issue
AirLive CoreNVR16 Firmware New feature: 1.Support E-map function. 2.Up to 3 different event actions on motion detection in each channel. 3.UI customization. Improved: 1.Improved performance and faster operation speed. 2.Improved playback engine and easier to playback. 3.Added quick setup on camera setting(remove all, copy to another channel). 4.Editable channels in group view. 5.Added popup alarm action. 6.Modified “VBR Quality” to Normal, High and Highest. 7.Added showing DI and motion status on channel. 8.Added channel tool box configuration. 9.Synchronized camera naming rule. Fixed: 1.Fixed remote upgrade firmware fail. 2.Fixed SDK4 (BU-720/DM-720/MD-720) connection and performance problems. 3.Fixed playback speed issue. 4.Fixed snapshot error. 5.Fixed SD-2020 “No Video” on playback.
AirLive CoreNVR16 Firmware Version 1.Added DDNS function 2.Improved live preview smooth 3.Added audio dual output with HDMI and RCA 4.Fixed display wrong screen with system reset to year 1970 issue 5.Fixed remote auto pan wrong issue 6.Fixed remote search camera fail issue 7.Fixed remote setup camera fail issue
AirLive CoreNVR16 Firmware 1.Event action triggers SD-2020 to Preset/Auto Pan 2.Fixed display incorrect PPPoe connect status on Web UI 3.Support search and install IP camera from Web UI 4.Fixed lost remote live audio issue 5.Fixed IE 11 remote playback speed button issue 6.Support Arabic language 7.Improve UI performance
AirLive CoreNVR16 Firmware The initial firmware
CMS for CoreNVR 9/16 Initial release
Title Download

Frequency Ask Questions (FAQ)

  • Q11 Snapshot/Playback in IE 11, shows IE Protected Mode is enabled, please add this URL to IE Trusted sites.

    Please click the file.

    IE Trusted sites.pdf
  • Q12 Why the live view loss connection only when login in remote site via internet?

    Live view in Local site is stable without loss connection, but cameras loss connection only when login in remote site via internet? Please check the internet upload bandwidth in NVR side is enough or not to offer the remote site. Remote site should also have enough internet download bandwidth to download the video from NVR. If internet bandwidth is not enough, please lower the low bitrate's bitrate or quaility to avoid it.

    CoreNVR 9 recommend upload internet bandwidth: 9Mbps.

    CoreNVR 16 recommend upload internet bandwidth: 16Mbps.     

  • Q19 How to trigger SD-2020 3 different preset point by another IPCamera's 3 different Motion Detection with CoreNVR Series?

    Please click the file.

    3 Motion.pdf
  • Q25 CoreNVR 9/16 Supported IP Cameras

    Please refer to the below for currently CoreNVR supported AirLive IP Cameras.

    Resolution IP Cam Model 
    720P  CU-720IR 
    1.3 MegaPixel  POE-100HD-ICR    
    2 MegaPixel  OD-2050HD 
    3 MegaPixel BU-3025

    SmartCube 300W

     5 MegaPixel BC-5010

  • Q26 CoreNVR 9/16 SDK Information

    Please refer to the below for CoreNVR 9/16 SDK information.

     SDK 1

    BC-5010, BC-5010-IVS, MD-3025, MD-3025-IVS, BU-3026, BU-3026-IVS, BU-3028, BU-3028-IVS

     SDK 2

    FE-200CU, FE-200DM, FE-200VD, FE-201DM, FE-501DM, FE-501OD

     SDK 3

    BU-3025, BU-3025v2, BU-2015

     SDK 4

    BU-720, DM-720, MD-720

     SDK 5


     SDK 6

    OD-325HD, OD-325HD-2.5MM, POE-200HD,


    POE-200HD-4MM, POE- 250HD, POE-100HD,



     SDK 7

    CU-720IR, CW-720-IR, CU-720PIR, CW-720, OD-2050HD,


    OD-2060HD, OD-2025HD, POE- 2600HD, WN-2600HD,




    ONVIF Mode










    *BU-3028/3028-IVS currently are not available yet.

  • Q27 Can CoreNVR9/16 keep auto recording after the Power Cycle?

    Yes, CoreNVR9/16 can keep auto recording after the Power Cycle.

  • Q29 Why ACC-Joystick-NVR cannot control PTZ cameras on web UI?

    The ACC-Joystick-NVR was designed for CoreNVR 9/16 machines only with USB connection, it doesn't support to control PTZ functions on web UI, so please connect the ACC-Joystick-NVR into CoreNVR 9/16 directly for controlling PTZ functions.

Model No .

AirLive CoreNVR 16 Network Video Recorder

Optional Accessories

ACC-Joystick-NVR USB joystick control panel for AirLive CoreNVR

EAN Code

13 Code 4719869617163
14 Code 14719869617160

Included Accessories

Packaging content: CoreNVR 16, 12V / 5A adapter X1, SATA data cord X2, SATA power cord X2, Hard disk holder X4, Quick install guide X1, Manual disc X1

Standard Packaging

Packaging Type:
Packaging Size 43.5*37*13 cm
Packaging Weight: 2.4 kg

Carton Packaging

Quantity(units / per carton) 5
Dimensions 66.5*45.5*40 cm
Weight 13.38 kg
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