CamPro VMS

Professional IP Camera Video Management Software

Key Features

  • Free Bundled PC Video Recording Software
  • Support multi-stream profiles for full frame rate 64-ch Live View
  • Support ONVIF Cameras
  • Support H.265, H.264, and MPEG-4 Codec
  • Camera motion Detection
  • Sensor Alarm management
  • Compatible with Most Cameras in the Market
  • E-MAP and Multiple Monitor Support

The CamPro VMS is the ideal video management software for home to enterpriseapplication. It's capable of managing up to 64 AirLive IP cameras. Deliver and store high quality live video.

The new Campro VMS has a completely new user interface that incorporate drag-and-drop to make operation much easier than before. In addition, it supports the new H.265 codec which can save up to 50% of bandwidth and storage space. The Campro VMS can also work with ONVIF compliant cameras to make compatibility with your existing network easier.

Depending on the built-in graphic analyzes function; CamPro VMS can detect the motion area. Remote monitoring and playback is possible through the web browser.

CamPro VMS has the ability to automatically search and find the available cameras on the network which can greatly reduce the user’s effort when configuring the system.


Drag and drop video placements

CamPro VMS Support Drag and drop video placements. You can click any video live stream and place any block of live monitor..


Live View E-Map

CamPro VMS support live view E-Map, when motion detection function is enabled. The live video of the camera will pop up on the map when an event is triggered. Also a alarm message will pop up.


Remote Live View

CamPro VMS allows you to monitor 64 channels via remote live view. You can also choose to view the different camera in single view or 4/9/16/26/33/36/49/64 view via internet..


Support Multiple Monitor

CamPro VMS support multiple monitors. User could take one monitor for Live View, other monitor for the E-Map, Event View, and Playback Monitor. Extend the viewing tabs to multiple windows screens.


CamPro VMS can be used in different environments. This can be in Airports, Shops, Offices, Hallways, Basements, or Elevators.




  • Camera Install
    - Manual / Smart Camera Search
  • Supported Channels
    - 64
  • Supported Brands
    - AirLive, Onvif
  • Compression
    - MPEG-4 Part 2/H.264
  • Resolution
    - 5M/3M/2M/1.3M/720P/VGA/CIF/QCIF
  • Max. Frame Rate
    - UP to 30 fps per Channel (total frame rate depends on CPU)
  • Compression
    - G.711/G.726
  • Two way audio
Live View 
  • Display mode
    - Live View/E-Map View/Event View/Playback/Full Screen
  • Multi-Monitors
    - Using tabs can view different functions simultaneously
  • Split Screen
    - 1/4/6/8/16/17/21/25/33/36/49/64/100
  • Full Screen
    - Up to 10x10, 1 screen
  • Sequence Mode
    - Sequence All/1/4/6/8/10/16 split view/Group with Configurable timer
  • Snapshot
    - Video snapshot in BMP format
  • E-Map
    - Triple Layer E-Map Display (main map and its sub- maps). Live video display on map
  • Motion Detection
  • PTZ Function
    - Virtual PTZ Panel/Preset Point
    - Airlive PTZ joystick control (ACC- Joystick)
Web Live View 
  • Display mode
    - Live View/Playback/Full Screen
  • Split Screen
    - 1/4/8/10/16/17/21/25/33/36/49/64
  • Sequence Mode
    - 1/4/8/10/16/17/21/25/33/36/49/64 split view with configurable timer
  • Snapshot
    - Video snapshot in BMP format
  • PTZ function
    - Virtual PTZ Panel
Remote Playback
  • Split Screen
    - 1/4/9/16
  • Search Method
    - Start Time/Event
  • Playback Control
    - Play/Pause/Stop/Forward/Reverse
System Configuration
  • Recording path
    - Max. 8
  • Audio/video Backup
    - AVI
  • Configuration
    - Backup/Restore
  • Recording Mode
    - Manual/Continuous/Scheduling/Event
  • Scheduling Types
    - Full customized
Triggers & Events
  • Motion Detection
  • Digital Input
    - Receive trigger from camera’s input
  • Event Notifications
    - On-Screen Alert/On-screen Motion
    - Display/Configurable Alert Sound/Record
  • Protocols
  • Streaming Protocols
    - Depend on the supported cameras
User Management
  • Management
    - User
  • User
    - Up to 15 User (Administrator/User Define)
  • Privileges
    - Live View/Playback/System Configurations/PTZ
Log Type
  • Alert/Event/User Access
  • English, Trad.Chinese, Simp.Chinese Vietnamese, Turkish, Romanian Hungarian, Spanish, Italian Portuguese, Slovak, Polish, Korean Russian, Bulgarian, Czech
System Requirement
  • Min. Hardware Requirement
    - CPU: Intel Core i7 or above
    - RAM: Minimum 4GB or above is recommended
    - HDD: 1TB or above
    - Graphic Card: Independent graphic card with DirectX9.0c or higher
    - Network: Gigabit Network Interface
  • OS Support
    - Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard/Enterprise, Windows Server 2012


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CamPro VMS User Guide User Guide SC1210563646143
Title Description Download
CamProVMS Ver3.3.0.60903 ● Fix the can’t add camera to web side issue.
CamProVMS Ver3.3.0.60711
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