CamPro Mobile

Live Viewing on iOS and Android Mobile Devices

Key Features

  • Support Both IP Cameras and Core NVR Series
  • Up to 4 Channels Simultaneously Live Viewing per Group
  • Query Public IP Address from Device ID
  • Direct Snapshots to Mobile Device
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Unlimited Group List
  • Pan / Tilt Control

AirLive CamPro Mobile app is for both iOS and Android system which supports live viewing on all AirLive IP Cameras and CoreNVR series. You may have up to 4 channels in a group at a time with two-way audio, snapshot and movement controls on PTZ cameras. Please visit App Store or Google Play to download this free software. CamPro Mobile HD is high resolution quality for iPad with exactly the same functions as CamPro Mobile.

Note: Two-way audio and CoreNVR live viewing on CamPro Mobile currently is available on iOS devices only.


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CamPro Mobile QIG QIG SC1300780893105
Building Stable Video Networks Other Documents SC1422927594154
IPCAM VMS NVR Compatibile List Other Documents SC1422927594154
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Campro Mobile for Android
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Frequency Ask Questions (FAQ)

  • Q2 Why do I not have live view on Campro Mobile after doing the correct setup for a second device?

    Please click the PDF file.

    20160913_Campro Mobile.pdf
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