AirLive IP Camera Lens

HI-Quality Megapixel CS Mount Lens

Key Features

  • Megapixel for HD IP Camera
  • Best suited for the use with BC-5010, POE-5010HD and POE-100HD-ICR

AirLive, the leading IP camera manufacturer, has launched high quality Mega-Pixel lenses. ACC-MPL-4mm is a Mega-Pixel CS mount lens, and suites for general daily usage. ACC-MPL-2812V F, ACC-MPL-1250VF and ACC-MPL-850VF are vari-focal lenses with Auto Iris. The advantage of a varifocal lens is that its focal length and field of view (FOV) can be change manually and hence can be used more flexibly. The focal length of ACC-MPL- 2812VF is from 2.8 to 12mm (4X). You can apply its wide end FOV in locations where an overlook is needed, such as entrance, hall way, or parking lot. And you can use its tele end for some critical areas like paying-counter. The ACC-MPL- 1250VF and ACC-MPL-850VF can be used in most of projects.

With BC-5010, POE-100HD-ICR and POE-5010HD, AirLive Mega-Pixel lens can provide you a high quality video no matter at day time or night time. The Auto-Iris functional can automatically adjust the aperture of the lens and give you a stable image in an outdoor environment with changing light source.



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AirLive IP Camera Lens Spec Sheets Spec Sheets SC1209970316572
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IPCAM VMS NVR Compatibile List Other Documents SC1422927594154
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Frequency Ask Questions (FAQ)

  • Q1 What's the difference between C mount lens and CS mount lens?

    The difference between C mount and CS mount is flange focal distance. The C mount lens flange focal distance is 17.526 millimetres (0.6900 in). CS-mount lens has a flange focal distance of 12.50 millimetres (0.492 in)

Model No .

ACC-MPL-4mm V2

New 4mm,  Mega-Pixel CS mount Lens, Good for up to 5 Megapixel resolution


New Varifocal, 2.8~12mm, Auto-Iris (DC), CS mount Mega-Pixel Lens, Good for up to 5 Megapixel resolution


Varifocal, 5~50mm, Auto-Iris (DC), CS mount Mega-Pixel Lens, Good for up to 5 Megapixel resolution (Lens not for IR operation)


Varifocal, 12.5~50mm, Auto-Iris (DC), CS mount Mega-Pixel Lens, Good
for 2 to 5 Megapixel resolution


Varifocal, 8~50mm, F/1.6, IR Corrected, Auto-Iris (DC), CS mount Mega-Pixel Lens, Good for up to 5 Megapixel resolution

 EAN Code of ACC-MPL-4mm V2

13 Code 4719869617392
14 Code 14719869617399

EAN Code of ACC-MPL-2812VF V2

13 Code 4719869617408
14 Code 14719869617405

EAN Code of ACC-MPL-550VF

13 Code 4719869616708
14 Code 14719869616705

EAN Code of ACC-MPL-1250VF

13 Code 4719869616876
14 Code 14719869616873

EAN Code of ACC-MPL-850VF

13 Code 4719869617354
14 Code 14719869617351

 Standard Packaging of ACC-MPL-4MM V2

Packaging Size 5.1 x 5 x 5.15 cm
Packaging Weight: 53 g

Standard Packaging of ACC-MPL-2812VF V2

Packaging Size 9.2 x 6.2 x 6.2 cm
Packaging Weight: 81 g

Standard Packaging of ACC-MPL-550VF

Packaging Size 8.5 x 5.7 x 7.3 cm
Packaging Weight: 108 g

Standard Packaging of ACC-MPL-1250VF

Packaging Size 9*5.9*9.8 cm
Packaging Weight: 118 g

Standard Packaging of ACC-MPL-850VF

Packaging Size 14.1*7.0*7.0 cm
Packaging Weight: 151 g
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