On this page, you can find the latest awards won by AirLive around the world. The original link will be included in each pages. You are welcome to click the link to view orginal content.

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Dec-05 GB AirLive WL-2000CAM gained Award Reccomended on Techpowerup.com in UK
Dec-05 TR AirLive WL-2000CAM gained award Editor’s Choice in PC Magazine in Turkey
Nov-11 TR AirLive WL-2000CAM gained award 5 stars from PCkoloji in Turkey
Nov-11 CZ AirLive WLA-9000AP gained award Tip from Techbit.cz in Czech
Nov-10 SK AirLive WMM-3000R gained award Tip Redakcie from PC Revue in Slovakia.
Oct-10 SG AirLive WL-2000CAM gained award 4 stars from PC magazine SINGAPORE in Singapore
Sep-10 PL AirLive WMU-6500FS gained award 4 discs from www.cdrlab.pl in Poland
Sep-10 ES EtherWe-1000U gained award Recomendado from Noticias3d.com in Spain
Sep-10 CZ WL-1500R gained award Vitez testu from Chip magazine in Czech Republic
Aug-10 CZ AirLive HP-3000E gained award Tip of ExtraPC from ExtraPC magazine in Czech Republic
Aug-10 HR AirLive WN-5000R gained award Best Buy from Vidi magazine in Croatia
Aug-10 BA AirLive WL-2000CAM gained award Approved on Hardwarebase.net in Bosnia
Aug-10 SG AirLive WMU-6500FS gained award 4 stars from PC magazine SINGAPORE in Singapore
Jul-14 ES AirLive WT-2000ARM gain Award Recomendado from Noticias3D.com
Jul-10 ES AirLive HP-3000E gained award Good Selection on Noticias 3D.com in Spain
May-07 CL AirLive WMU-6500FS gained Silver Award on Chilehardware.net in Chile
May-07 RU AirLive WMU-6500FS gained Award Best in PC Magazine Russia
Apr-07 NL WFP-101U Print Server gained award Our Choice in ComputerTotaal magazine in The Netherlands
Apr-07 SK AirLive WL-1500R gained award Tip Redakcie in magazine PC Revue
Apr-07 PH AirLive WL-5470AP gained Silver Award in HW Magazine in Philippines
Apr-07 SK AirLive WL-5470AP gained award Vitaz testu (test winner) in magazine PC Revue in Slovakia
Apr-07 HU AirLive WLA-9000AP gained award ChipTipp in Chip magazine in Hungary
Apr-07 ES AirLive WN-5000R and USB gained Good Selection award from Noticias3d.com in Spain
Mar-07 DE AirLive WMU-6500FS gained Silver award from Silenthardware.de in Germany
Mar-07 RS AirLive AirVideo-2000 gained award Digital OK from magazine Digital in Serbia
Feb-07 DE AirLive WN-5000R gained award PCPraxis Preistipp! In magazine PC Praxis! in Germany
Feb-07 CZ AirLive WMU-6500FS gained award Click TIP! In magazine Click! in Czech Republic
Jan-07 IT AirLive WMU-6500FS gained award Preferred Choice from Computer Idea magazine in Italy
Jan-07 ES AirLive WL-5470AP gained award Recommended! on Noticias3d in Spain
Jan-06 ES AirLive WMU-6500FS gained award Recommended! on Noticias3d in Spain
Jan-04 AirLive WT-2000AP gained award Recommend! on PC Magazine in UAE
Jan-04 RU AirLive WMU-6500FS gained award Approved! on website Insidehw in Serbia
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