Best Choice Award at Computex 2004!!

Taipei, Taiwan (June, 1st, 2004)- OvisLink Corp. one of Taiwan leading networking communication providers, received the greatest of the Best Choice Product from Taipei Computer Association (TCA) at this year Computex show. The product is WMU-9000VPN, with integration of multimedia sharing functions plus VPN router, provides users an absolutely great advantages of sharing functions.

'Taiwan is always standing at the top position of innovating great technology in the IT industry in the world.....' Said by the National Senior Adviser of Taiwan, Shin-Yi Lin, who also issues the award prizes. 'By delivering this Best Choice award, it is a thank to these innovators who have been putting great efforts on researching and developing the future technology to the market, and making Taiwan to remain as the trust worthy global IT innovative partners. This award is not only graded on the innovative technology products, but also on housing design, performance, price, security, and ease-to-use for the market.'

“We are so proud that we can receive such honor from TCA groups.” Said by the Sales and Marketing director of OvisLink, Beesha Lin. “ With such honor, we believe that it will lead OvisLink aggressively into the SOHO market. We will have more integrated solutions coming up this year, both in WLAN and LAN, offering the more availability options for users.”

For future vision on WLAN products, Albert Yeh, who is the Product Manager in Chief of OvisLink, provides his idea, 'As the demand for wireless application goes beyond computer networking, the wireless products will move toward more integration solution. On the business side, the more integration of server, security, and multimedia functions will emerge. For home networking, the integration of Audio/Video and Internet will become more popular. OvisLink is dedicated on the state of the art integrated solutions to our customers.'

OvisLink is very proud of receiving this award and ready to move forward into integrated solutions market. Not only this, we will also have ADSL + VoIP solutions, Gigabit management switch + Fiber optical family, and WLAN 802.11g+ TI Turbo mode family coming at this year.

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