NEW AirMax5 Extreme Firmware for WHA-5500CPE
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AirLive WHA-5500CPE had just undergone an extreme upgrade with the new AirMax5 Extreme firmware. AirMax5 Extreme Firmware improves your WHA-5500CPE on all aspects, from enhanced performance, to increased functionalities and right down to user experience.

Super Channel Capability:
Operators who hold the license to 4.9GHz or 6.1GHz frequency bands can avoid interference from radar and other 5GHz devices. The AirMax5 Extreme firmware supports these channels free of charge.


Variable Channel Bandwidth:
Operators can select 5/10/20/40MHz channel width according to the interference condition or speed requirements. The smaller channel width offers more operating channels while larger channel width provides higher performance.


Polling Function:
Multi-point installation with clients at different distance has been a major headache for ISP operators. The AirLive Polling function automatically manages the bandwidth according to the distance to the center AP for you.


8-point WDS Bridge Mode:
WDS Pure MAC Bridge mode provides much faster throughput than common WDS-AP-Station architecture. AirMax5 Extreme Firmware makes WDS Bridge configuration easy. Just select the remote bridges from Site Survey table, you can establish 8-point bridge network instantly.



Lock-to-AP Function:
If there are many outdoor APs in your area, the WISP client can make a priority list for outdoor APs. So when one AP is down, the CPE will automatically connect to the next AP on the list.


25KM with Built-in Antenna:
The WHA-5500CPE with AirMax5 Extreme firmware has been field tested at up to 25km with built-in antenna. It breaks the record of integrated all-in-one outdoor CPE. (click here for test report).


AirLogic Multi-language Interface:
Featuring the latest ergonomic user interface from AirLive. Designed with simplicity in mind, all functions are precisely where they should be and easily understood. Users can change to language instantly from any page. This is the AirLogic Experience.

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