AirLive AirCam Series Part 4 of 4 - Fixed Dome Cameras
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This is final part of AirLive next generation IP cameras series.

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Part 3: “Hi-Definition, outdoor-ready Night Vision IP Camera – AirLive OD-325HD”


Fixed dome IP cameras have continue to play a vital role in many surveillance systems. Which is why AirLive continue to develop new series of fixed dome cameras that is part of AirLive next generation IP camera solution that features MegaPixel lens, High Definition picture quality and H.264 encoding for smaller bandwidth and storage (click here to more about MegaPixel, Hi-Definition and H.264 encoding).

AirLive fixed dome IP camera are always easy to installed but never shy from features, allowing you to enjoy advance surveillance functions without the hassle of messy installation.


Compact and lightweight or weather and vandal proof – your choice.

AirLive new fixed dome IP cameras come in 2 different enclosures for you to choose from. For a compact, lightweight and easy-to-ship model, we have the POE-200HD. Made with durable yet lightweight plastic material, the POE-200HD is both tough and light, making installation a breeze and saving you on shipping cost.

For more demanding usage, we have the POE-250HD. The body of POE-250HD is made up of alloyed steel material and toughened glass that makes it strike resistant. Together with its IP66 rating, it is protected against the intrusion of burglar, accidental impact, dust and water.

Both models are powered through Power over Ethernet (PoE) and this simplifies installation even further since only one cable is needed.


AirLive AirCam POE-250HD
AirLive AirCam POE-200HD


Don’t just see your visitors, talk to them.

What makes AirLive fixed dome IP cameras different from conventional CCTV is its ability to conduct 2-way audios. With 2-way audios, your camera will capture both video and audio feeds on your site. Now not only will you be doing visual monitoring but also on the look out for any unusual sound giving you an even higher level of surveillance security. Or how about having the ability to talk to your visitors even if you are half the globe away. Perfect for use as a sentry or entrance surveillance.



POE-250HD: Generally POE-250HD can be use in both indoor and outdoor environment. For indoor usage, it is best suited for applications where tampering with the camera must be kept to a minimal such as banks, casinos, warehouses, ATMs and airports. For outdoor usage, applications such as seaports, outer building premises and cargo loading bays will see a demand for vandal proof and outdoor ready cameras.

POE-200HD: As this is strictly for indoor usages only, applications such as offices, hallways, elevators and shopping malls are highly suitable, as they required fast and easy installation to minimize interruption of day-to-day operations



Other advance features

  • High Definition, MegaPixel IP Camera with H.264 encoder (click here to read more)
  • Multiple H.264, Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 video streams
  • Access your video remotely from Internet or thru your 3G mobile phone
  • Digital Input / Output Port for External Alarm & Sensor
  • 11 different video profiles for all your different needs
  • Free 32 channels professional video surveillance software – AirLive CamPro Express
  • Open API for integration into your existing software.


For more information click on the following links
AirLive AirCam POE-250HD
AirLive AirCam POE-200HD

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