AirLive AirCam Series Part 3 of 4 - OD-325HD
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This is third part of AirLive next generation IP cameras series.

For previous parts, following these links
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Part 2: “Hi-Definition, outdoor-ready PTZ Dome for challenging surveillance - AirLive OD-600HD”


OD-325HD is part of AirLive next generation IP camera solution that features MegaPixel lens, High Definition picture quality and H.264 encoding for smaller bandwidth and storage (click here to learn more about MegaPixel, Hi-Definition and H.264 encoding).

Designed for round the clock outdoor surveillance, AirLive OD-325HD comes with an outdoor ready enclosure and infrared capability, which allows the capturing of images even in complete darkness.


Lightweight durable outdoor ready enclosure

AirLive OD-325HD enclosure is made up of improved aluminum. Comparing to alloyed steel, aluminum is lightweight and yet durable, making transportation easy and cost effective.

With an IP66 rating, it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, making it the perfect camera for 24hr outdoor surveillance.

The camera is powered through Power over Ethernet (PoE) and this simplifies installation since only one cable is needed.


Capturing activities even in complete darkness

AirLive OD-325HD comes with 24 high-powered infrared LEDs that make the capturing of video surveillance possible in complete darkness (up to 25 meters). You will be able to see the stranger at the end of the street or the car that is turning into the alley.

There is not a need for human intervention for switching to night mode. Equips with an auto IR filter, OD-325HD will detect the light level and once it reaches low light conditions, it will automatically switches to night mode. Thus providing you with sharp and clear images regardless of the light conditions.

Expand your camera capabilities with external sensors
and alarm

AirLive OD-325HD is build with 1 digital input and 1 digital output port (DIDO) that can usually be found in expensive CCTV cameras. When connected to external sensors or alarms, you can set up your surveillance systems to receive real-time status from the sensors and provide the necessary response (such as starting a recording).

The sensors signals can also be send to the AirLive management software (CamPro Express) to trigger other activities such as sending an alert email to the administrators.



OD-325HD is bested suited for applications where round the clock surveillance is a must. With a 25 meter range infrared and a outdoor ready enclosure, OD-325HD is often use in estates surveillance, parking lots, warehouses and streets monitoring.



Other advance features

  • High Definition, MegaPixel IP Camera with H.264 encoder (click here to read more)
  • Multiple H.264, Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 video streams
  • Access your video remotely from Internet or thru your 3G mobile phone
  • Two-way audio support
  • 11 different video profiles for all your different needs
  • Free 32 channels professional video surveillance software – AirLive CamPro Express
  • Open API for integration into your existing software.


For more information on AirLive AirCam OD-325HD, click here

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