The AirLive partner program provides training, support, examples and tools to grow their surveillance networking business, to access to new leading technologies and solutions and maximize profitability and qualification. The AirLive SkyClub is focused on developing solid partnerships with AirLive Partners that recognize the benefits of partnering with surveillance networking technology leader AirLive.

AirLive SkyClub Program

  • Phoenix Partners are certified and consistently successful in selling AirLive products, and have often invested the most in training and technology specializations. They have the highest level of credibility and support from AirLive.
  • Eagle Partners are certified and consistently successful in selling AirLive products. They have the credibility and support from AirLive
  • Falcon Partners are actively selling AirLive products and have begun to invest in technology specializations. They have the credibility and support from AirLive

Sales Rewards & Support

  • Information about product life-cycle
  • Special promotions
  • Special project or tender discounts
  • Volume or revenue rebates based on agreement
  • Demo Program offer for specific or new items

Marketing Support

  • Contents of onto the partners website (Special project)
  • Access to protected AirLive SkyClub Partner Program area
  • AirLive SkyClub Magazine - the AirLIve Partner monthly newsletter with coming on product updates,
  • special promotions, event and training information, technical tips and more
  • Sales and marketing resources (pictures, logos, design materials, marketing kits etc.)
  • Case studies and examples of networking solutions

* after product is shipped from Taiwan.

AirLive SkyClub Program

In order to assist customers in maximizing the value of AirLive, AirLive Education Services delivers trainings and certification of AirLive's every product lines from AirLive sales team and product team.
Combined with lecture and hands-on practice, AirLive tutorial courses and certification process ensure our channel partners to enhanced their knowledge on products' functionality and understand how to quote properly and implement AirLive's solutions in various markets.

AirLive Training and Certification Program

Comprehensive training is the cornerstone of successful client engagements. Divided into two categories -Sales team and Product oriented, the courses can be selected by attendees: Sales training and Tech training respectively or both.
For Sales training course, attendees should understand how to sell AirLive's d various product lines successfully and be able to present benefits and advantages for various markets compare to other products on the market.
Product training can helps attendees with the abilities to handle everything from estimating project requirements to installation, including configuration, product unique features, solution implementing basic tech support of all AirLive solutions.

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