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2012-12-10 PH PH Retail Shop

IP Surveillance Solution for Retail Shop in Philippine


The digital camera shop owner has 14 retails shop around metro Manila, Philippine. AirLive’s surveillance solution links each single system together to let the owner monitor every camera shops remotely from PC or Tablet/phone 24/7.



Since bandwidth of the internet in each camera shop is limited, customer need high compression rate IP camera for best performance in most economic bandwidth consumption. Storage management for various camera shops via network is another challenge. Due to the demands of local recording and remote recording, AirLive’s distributor had to provide two storage methods concurrently.

  • Monitor all camera shops at the same time
  • High resolution picture for face recognition
  • Recorded files remain 7 days at least
  • Centralized and distributed storage



To answer the requests of compact size and HD resolution IP Camera, AirLive distributor selects AirLive IP-200PHD-24 to deploy in each shop to solve the local video storage. AirLive PoE-FSH8PW connects IP Camera of each shop to the network, as a power provider (PoE), and also transmitted the data to the central server though internet. Two sets of server with Free AirLive Express 64 installed to provide monitoring and record service will deliver more central video storage as this deployment.

IP Camera

IP-200PHD-24 2.0 Mega Pixel Passive PoE IPCamera

POE Switches

POE-FSH808PW 8-Port 24V Passive POE + 2 Gigabit Uplink Web Smart Switch

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