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2014-09-25 MX MX Natural Surveillance

AirLive's Speed Dome Solution Safeguards the Mexico-American Border


Duo to a case in working with America Border Patrol, a partner of AirLive has developed a remote IP-based border surveillance camera system from 2006 to 2009 and further developed methods of counting all who across the border between ports of entry since 2009. For this project installed in the north border of Mexico, AirLive with the partner needs to have a rich-feature cost-effective solution to complete the border security project.

Border surveillance and protection requires a 24 / 7, day and night vision large area scanning system to detect, and track unauthorized intruders- be they hostile forces, terrorists, smugglers or illegal immigrants or others. The border may be a mountain, shoreline, sea or urban area, and it may include areas where peoples' activities are permitted. 


Broad and Uncovered Space

Long border line, wide urban area and open space – all of the areas must be carefully monitored.

Illegal Trade Prevention

In order to ease customs and prevent illegal trade along the borders, the government was eager to adopt a more efficient method using the advanced megapixel surveillance instead of spent a lot of resource on man power for surveillance.

Integration of Solutions

Integration tasks do bring a lot of troubles before completing the project, such as when video recording is malfunctioning, which device is the cause? Camera? VMS? Or is it storage performance, not the device that is degrading? Is it the integration of VMS and PC causes the system to be unstable too.


Our client chooses to integrate AirLive SD-2020 camera with its border “identiseis” technology. The AirLive SD-2020 camera is installed 500 ft. North of the Mexican border in a drug smuggling corridor. With AirLive SD-2020’s auto pan/preset/sequence/cruise functions and high speed pan/tilt mechanism, Surveillant can easily-set to monitor great lager area by only one AirLive SD-2020 and track any unexpected object with crystal clear video quality. Optional Smart Tracking function can be set to auto detect any unauthorized moving object during the night. 

IP Camera

SD-2020 2-Megapixel 20X Optical Zoom Speed Dome IP Camera

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