Imagine a world where machines can do automation for you, things that we only dreamed about in science fictions or movies.  Imagine a camera that can count people, recognize faces, aware of the crowd, and warn you when there is a potential hazard.  At AirLive, we believe the IP cameras can do more than just video recording.  That’s why we spent over two years to develop the industry’s most comprehensive intelligent IP cameras.  The futuristic solutions are ready now.

Each AirLive IVS(Intelligent Video Surveillance) camera has 6 built-in video analytics functions that encompass 7 major applications.  It is completely standalone and self sufficient.  That means there is no need for expensive server and professional VMS software licenses.


Most of the intelligence function on the market today can only perform counting or trigger event.  AirLive’s IVS camera go one step further by pioneering the Counting+Event integration, so that the camera can take action after certain number of occurrences.  For example, when number of customers in a supermarket exceeds 100 people in the past 10 minutes, the store can add more service personnel or limit access for crowd control.

AirLive has created step by step guides for easy installation.  Everything from hardware installation and software configurations are detailed described.  Please click on the icons below to see how the AirLive IVS camera can be used in each application scenarios.



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